How Much Does It Cost To Construct A Swimming Pool? [Answered!]

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When the warm summer months arrive, nothing seems to matter more than spending as much time outdoors as possible. If you’re looking for ways to refresh yourself during those hot summer days, a swimming pool might just be what you need. While the thought of sweating it out in the summer heat might be more than enough motivation to get in shape, having the money to fund the project might be another reason to pump up your workout.

What Size Pool Do You Need?

If you’re new to the game, it’s a good idea to pick a pool that will accommodate you and your family’s needs. To figure out how much space you need, use this formula:

  • Your height in inches
  • Your weight in pounds
  • Your depth in inches
  • Your width in inches
  • The number of people you’ll be having (include children under 12 years old)

For example, if you’re 5’10” and weigh 160 pounds, then you’ll need a pool that’s at least 7’6” x 7’6” x 4’8” to accommodate you.

If the pool is in an outdoor area and surrounded by decking, then you’ll need to factor the climate into your decision as well. Choose a pool that’s designed for sizzling summer days and cold winter nights. If you’re located in Canada, bear in mind that your outdoor pools will be subject to freezing during the winter months.

If you have a slight aversion to lifting large weights, then look into alternative methods of working out such as cardiovascular drills or using the climbing wall at the gym. If you’re new to the game, begin with a gentle jog around the block and add a few pounds each week until you reach your desired weight.

How Much Does It Cost To Drain The Pool?

Draining a pool is quite simple – once you’ve picked the right type of pump for the job, all you need to do is connect it to the filter and open the taps. Depending on where you live, there will be various regulations regarding outdoor pools, so make sure you know what these are beforehand.

If you decide to go for a smaller pool, then you’ll have to be extra careful about which accessories you’ll need. For example, if you have a filter made for outdoor use, then you’ll need to get one that’s certified for use in a domestic setting as well. In most cases, this means getting a saltwater pump instead of a freshwater one.

Is It Easy To Maintain?

Maintaining a swimming pool is fairly easy as long as you do it regularly. You’ll need to clean it with fresh water at least once a week, and you might need to add chlorine every other week. The good thing is that you can maintain a pool with simple and cost-effective measures.

Most homeowners will tell you that the key to maintaining a pool is by adding chlorine to the water. The chemical will help keep the water clean by killing the bacteria that cause the pool to become green with algae. If you use the wrong type of chlorine, then you might end up with an upset stomach. Make sure you get a pool cleaner that’s approved for use around food.

If you decide to go for a saltwater pool, then you might need to get a separate drain for the ocean as well. Otherwise, the water will become contaminated and undrinkable. If the drain is not protected from the elements, then it will eventually rust and damage your pool pump.

What’s The Bottom Line?

As you can see, there are plenty of considerations to make before committing to building a swimming pool. If you want to reduce your overall costs, then you might want to look into prefabricated pools that are built in place and saved for future use. Alternatively, you could build a smaller pool that’s more affordable.

On the other hand, if you want to maximize your investment and enjoy the benefits of a large pool, then go for it! Just make sure you do your research upfront and be realistic about how much time you’ll need to put into it. Being in shape is certainly an investment in your future, so don’t be afraid to put in the work.

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