How Much Is A House With A Swimming Pool? [Fact Checked!]

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One of the most exciting changes to hit the housing market in recent times is the rise of the ‘pocket swimmer’. Where once homeowners might have seen the pool as an amenity used mainly for relaxation, recreational swimming has become a popular way of life for many city dwellers, and the market has responded with novelties that make swimming more accessible to the general public.

The Rise In Popularity

The global water sports market was valued at US$16.9 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to rise to $22.9billion by 2023, according to research from Global Market Insights. This is mainly thanks to the increasing popularity of swimming pools across the globe, particularly in North America and Oceania.

The ‘pocket swimmer’, as they have become known, are a great example of how the leisure swimming market has changed in recent years. Not content with just a pool, many homeowners have decided to build a pool house that doubles as a social space for entertaining guests and fostering community spirit. In the past, homeowners might have built a pool as a means of getting some exercise or relieving stress, but they have also become an extension of the living room, a place for relaxing and cooling off after a hard day at work.

Attracting Visitors And Improving Local Amenities

With a terrace or an outdoor/indoor pool, a pool house provides a place for the family to socialize while enjoying the outdoors, regardless of the weather. When the sun is beaming, there’s no better place to be than by the pool – particularly if it’s in the company of friends and family. A terrace or an outdoor pool also provide an additional space for the kids to play, while the indoor pool allows for flexibility in terms of when and where swimming takes place.

Indoor/outdoor pool conversion is a popular way of making the most of limited real estate, as it gives you the best of both worlds. According to research from PropertyGuru, outdoor pools provide a fresh swimming environment that is great for your health, while indoor pools offer the warmth and intimacy of a swimming pool within your home. Indoor/outdoor pools can also be used as a way of attracting visitors to your property and fostering a connection with your community – whether it’s someone visiting the UK for a summer vacation or an older person looking to make the most of the last months of their life.

Allowing For Flexibility

The rise in popularity of the swimming pool is evident not only in the construction of new housing, but also in terms of people wanting to upgrade their existing pools. According to HomeImprovementBlog, there has been a rise in interest in renovating pools, with DIY enthusiasts jumping at the opportunity to give their pool an instant upgrade. Renovating your pool does not have to be difficult – not with the right tools and a little bit of DIY know-how.

The DIY pool revolution has led to an increase in people taking the reins of their pool projects themselves, which has resulted in an increase in flexibility and improvement in quality – particularly in terms of price. With more people willing to take on the renovation work themselves, it means you can get the job done on your schedule, rather than waiting for a contractor to show up at your door.

The Impact On Commuter Engagement

The ability to swim in a pool at any location offers huge flexibility for busy commuters looking to relax after work. Thanks to new technologies like virtual bathing, people can now swim in a pool from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to internet-connected devices, such as Google Bikes and Apple Watches, as well as sensors in spas and hot-tubs, you can now take a swim from your smartphone.

With so much flexibility built into the design of a modern-day house, it’s no wonder why swimming pools have become a popular place for homeowners to enjoy. The leisure industry has recognized the demand for recreational swimming, and the market has responded with novelties that make bathing more convenient for the ever-busy urban dwelling.

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