How Much Water Is In Llympic Sized Pools? [Solved!]

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It’s sad to see all the damage that can be caused by too much water. Especially when you think about the cost of repairing the damage. A lot of money, both in time and money. But, although it is sad, it’s also true that too much water can be both a blessing and a curse. Especially if you store up too much water, it can cause a lot of problems. Let’s take a look at how much water is in some of our favorite pools and how much trouble they can cause.

Burton On Trent

Burton On Trent is located in the UK. And although it is a small town, it holds a special place in the hearts of many a water fan. Especially since the town is rich in beautiful, crystal clear lakes and crystal clear, freshwater springs. It also boasts some amazing, award-winning beaches. If you have ever been there, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

These days, Burton On Trent is most famous for hosting the annual Triathlon. Which is a combination of the three sports; running, biking, and swimming. The event takes place over a weekend, with competitors swimming, biking, and running (usually on the same day). They then have a final fight to the finish line. It’s like the Olympic games, but a lot more fun!

So, back to our original question; how much water is in Burton On Trent? Well, the good folks at VisitBurtonOnTrent (the local authority in Brum, UK) have published an interesting article about the towns’ aquatic environments. They state that there are 23 officially recognized water bodies in the town. Including 8 ponds and 15 lakes. Meaning there’s a lot of water around. Especially since the average depth of all the lakes is 3.5 feet. Which is shallower than average. This makes the lakes usable by all. Including children. Especially since a lot of the water is either natural or artificial. Meaning it’s totally safe for swimming.

Besides the obvious benefits of swimming and cooling off in the town’s lakes, this article also states that the town’s beaches (which are quite popular) are good for swimming thanks to the clear water. Meaning you can see the sand, the sea, and the water all in one. Brilliant!

Eden Project

If you are fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, then you’ll probably also be a fan of the Eden Project. Since he was a producer of the documentary about the sustainable, organic, aquatic-themed resort. We won’t insult your intelligence by pretending the actor isn’t one of the most admired men in the world. Especially since he can do everything. Including swim. And he’s been known to surf, too. So, we’ll let his IMDb profile do the talking here.

The Eden Project is located in southern England. And although it is a rather large site. They were still able to create an amazing atmosphere by using nature-inspired architecture and planting lots of organic fruits and vegetables. Which they then use to create beautiful, free-range BBQs, fresh fish, and everything sustainable. Including the famous, composting toilets. Meaning no plastic bags or straws. Which is great for the environment. So, if you’ve ever been there, then you know what we’re talking about.

And if you’ve ever seen the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, then you know exactly what happened at the Eden Project. The wolf in question here is Leo. Who spent a lot of time at the resort. Eating all of their free-range, organic produce and chilling with their new found eco-friend, Margot, who runs the sustainable, eco-friendly farm. And let’s be honest; who wouldn’t want to be spending their holidays with a beautiful, green-skinned woman. While enjoying all the luxury items they provide. Such as a butler, a cook, and a baker. All of whom are more than happy to cater to your every need. Although, if you’re looking for a quiet, unplugged, relaxing holiday. Then we don’t recommend this one. Especially if you’ve ever been to the Eden Project. Because if you’re looking for some peace, then this is the place to be. Especially if you can get yourself a room with a view. Of the rolling hills and beautiful organic gardens. That are, most probably, teeming with wildlife. Such as; squirrels, rabbits, and the occasional deer. Who may come wandering into your garden. Uninvited of course, but it’s nice to have company in your home. Especially if you’re a little lonely.

Fiji Islands

Yes, we know, the Fiji Islands are in the Pacific Ocean. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have any freshwater lakes. Or that the water isn’t potable. The islands’ geography is rather unique. Made up of mostly mountains and lakes. Which then empty into the sea. It’s estimated that there are over 1,000 freshwater lakes in the country. Meaning lots of water to swim in. Especially since over 80% of the island’s surface is covered in lakes and ponds. And not to mention the beautiful, turquoise seas that fringe the islands. Perfect for snorkelling and diving.

It’s rather difficult to find accurate figures for the total amount of water on the islands. Since different governmental agencies issue different figures. But it’s estimated that there’s 100 million years of freshwater on the island. Meaning it’s definitely not going to run out anytime soon. And considering that Fiji is one of the most populated island countries in the world. With over 900,000 inhabitants. We’re guessing they have a lot of water to spare. Especially if they’re planning on growing more crops to feed their burgeoning population.


Hawaii is the largest of the island archipelagos in the Pacific Ocean. And although it is a state in the US, it has its own unique governmental structure. The islands are known for their beautiful, volcanic soil. And when we say soil, we mean it. The ground on which everything grows. Including people. For agricultural purposes, it is referred to as ‘padi’. Which is the Hawaiian word for ‘food’. So, really, it’s the perfect place to grow food. Which then gets harvested and prepared for consumption. Or saved for cooking purposes. Which is why a lot of the architecture and design in Hawaii reflects the islands’ tropical climate. Meaning lots of sunshine and warmth. Which then translates to more vibrant colors and a better mood. Just what you need to make your holiday more relaxing and enjoyable.

Although Hawaii is one of the most populated islands in the world. And is rather well-known for its beaches. Those who live there mostly worship the ocean. As a living, breathing thing. Due to the islands’ tropical climate. Meaning there’s always something growing in the soil. Which you can eat. Or use to cook your next meal. Which is always a welcome sight. Especially since you can find most anything you could ever need. Including fresh produce. Such as tropical flowers, brightly colored fruits, and vegetables. All of which are a feast for the eyes. As well as the stomach.

So, to round off this article. We want to let you know that it’s always a good idea to check the guidelines and regulations before you go on holiday. Especially if you’re visiting water-related attractions or areas. To ensure that your visit is as safe and legal as possible. Especially if you’re a single girl or woman. Going to isolated places or deserted areas. Where there may be no one around to save you if something were to happen. Even if it’s just a swim suit that didn’t quite fit. Or maybe skinny dipping isn’t how you like to spend your free time.

No matter where you are in the world, water will always be a part of it. Be it lakes, oceans, or even a large, private pool at your hotel. There will always be some aspect of water on holiday. Whether it’s a swim in the hotel pool or a stroll along the beach. Water will always be at the heart of it. Whether you’re in a remote part of the world or a bustling metropolis. There will always be some type of water to enjoy. Be it fresh, clean, or even recycled. It’s all good.

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