How Soon After Shocking Pool Can I Swim? [Expert Guide!]

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Swimming after delivery is recommended for both mothers and fathers to relax and share with their newborn. But after spending a day or two in the pool with your little one, how soon can you get back in the water? Here’s a quick guide on reintegrating into the water after delivery poolside.

2 Weeks

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), mothers should wait at least two weeks after giving birth to their baby before getting into the pool. This is to ensure that their bodies have had sufficient time to recover and that no infection is passed to the fetus. During this period, it is also beneficial to let the umbilical cord stump heal on its own without any intervention. It’s recommended that mothers wait at least six weeks before swimming fully clothed. Wearing a swimsuit under those circumstances is not advisable as it may restrict movement if the mother gets wet.

If you’re a new parent-to-be, you’ll likely be prescribed antibiotics to prevent any infection after giving birth. These medications can cause drowsiness in newborns, so if you feel like your baby is becoming sluggish, it’s time to put the pool life on hold.

4 Weeks

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), fathers should wait four weeks after giving birth to their baby before getting into the pool. This allows the reproductive organs to recover and reduces the chance of complications from straining during intercourse. It also encourages the father to be active with his offspring and help reduce the child’s weight by engaging in regular exercises with them. Being in the water helps with both aerobic fitness and muscle relaxation, so it’s an excellent combination for the whole family.

Beyond The First Four Weeks

Once the initial four weeks have passed, parents can integrate back into the water as long as there are no signs of distress in the child. If everything is going smoothly and the child shows no signs of infection, it’s a good idea to let them swim more frequently or at least one hour a day to improve their overall fitness. Breastfeeding while in the water is also recommended, as it helps prevent dehydration and allows the parent to stay hydrated. The benefits of swimming after delivery are numerous. Not only does it provide an excellent way to bond with your newborn, but it also helps improve their health and wellness.

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