How To Chill A Swimming Pool? [Expert Review!]

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Getting a pool ready for the summer is a lot of work, and it requires a lot of effort to ensure that it is usable all year long. It starts with proper cleaning, and then it’s about stocking it with the proper equipment and adding the right atmosphere. While you’re at it, you might as well add a bit of zing by throwing in some pool noodles for decoration. It’s funny how fast the days go by when you are having fun, and before you know it, summer is gone and it’s time to clean the pool again. This article covers the basics of getting your pool ready for the summer so you can spend more time in it and enjoying the sunshine.


Proper cleaning is crucial if you want to have a pool that you can use all year long. You don’t necessarily need a professional pool cleaning service every week, but at least once or twice a month would be a good idea. This ensures that your pool is always in good condition and attracts moths and mosquitoes that prey on them. These organisms breed rapidly in stagnant waters and can cause unpleasant bites and infections if not removed regularly. Bites from these creatures are known to cause rashes, fevers, and even death in extreme cases. In the event of a water-borne illness, it’s important to remember the importance of proper cleaning and to consult with your physician. There are several easy and reliable ways to clean your pool. For example, you can use a water-dispersing dry shampoo, pool vacuum, or chlorine tablets (the simplest yet most effective way). A professional cleaning service should be able to advise you on which method of cleaning is best suited for your pool. They can also test the water quality before and after the cleaning process to ensure that it doesn’t deteriorate during their absence. This information could help you decide how often you need to have the pool cleaned.


Stocking your pool with the proper equipment is another important step to ensure that it is usable all year long. This includes the lighting, heaters, and filters. Aside from cleaning, proper equipment helps maintain the proper conditions in your pool. Without it, it may be hard to swim or even surface swim comfortably. When picking out these items, ensure that they are appropriate for the size of your pool and that they can function properly. The most basic rule is to buy quality items that will last you a long time and are relatively inexpensive. This helps keep your pool at its best all year long and allows you to enjoy it without worrying about breaking the bank. If you’re looking for ways to save money while still having the pool experience, then consider upgrading your equipment instead of replacing it. It’s a long summer ahead and you don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive pool gear that may break down after a few months of use. Quality items can be found for less money, and if they break, then it’s usually because you’re not using them properly or you need proper instructions on how to use them correctly. In other words, you’re wasting a lot of money if you’re not having fun in the pool. Besides, quality items will usually last longer and require less maintenance compared to cheaper alternatives. Even better, these items can help reduce your energy bills as they don’t require as much energy to operate compared to other items. It’s all about priorities in life, isn’t it?


Adding the right atmosphere to your pool is also crucial. You want to create an inviting yet relaxed environment that is perfect for chilling out and having fun in. You can use plants to help reduce the stress levels of those around you, as they have been known to do. Alternatively, you can spray the area around the pool with humid air or water to simulate a sauna’s effect. Humidity levels above 60% are ideal for adding additional warmth to a space.

Plants can also be used to improve air quality, so if you have a pool that is located next to a house, then you might want to consider planting a vegetable garden to provide your pool with some additional oxygen. It’s also wise to clean the air directly around the pool before you add more moisture by misting or spraying it, as this can help prevent sickness in those that are around it. These tips should help you get the most from your pool and ensure that it is available for many more summers to come!

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