How To Connect Water To Pool Slide? [Expert Guide!]

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As the summer season is now upon us, you might be thinking about ways to entertain your children while limiting the summer camp effect on your wallet. One of the best things you can do for your kids this summer is to encourage their bodies’ evolution through activity and immersion in water! Why not encourage their natural curiosity by giving them access to the great outdoors through a beautiful garden or pool slide?

Luckily, it’s not as complex as it seems. All they need is some help from you and a willing outdoor space. Once you’ve helped them build the structure, getting the water flowing is child’s play. You can also integrate safety features like fencing or a gate into the design for extra security.

If you haven’t got an outdoor space, consider getting a pool slide built in. There are a number of options when it comes to built-in pool slides, so take your pick from there. To keep things easy for your kids, look for ones that are designed for installation and use indoors. Indoor/outdoor pool slides are great because they give your children the advantage of being able to practice in an environment that is safe and controlled. If you can’t have a pool slide built into your existing outdoor space, at least fence off the area where it would be located so that curious little fingers don’t stumble into any electrical wires while playing in the garden!

What Do I Need To Get Started?

All they need is a plastic pool, some water sources (e.g. hose bibs or fountains), a slide, and some form of container (e.g. a milk box or watering can) to hold water in while they play. The container should be on a drip line to prevent any of the water from becoming stagnant.

You might also want to purchase a few extra safety items to ensure that your kids are safe while on the slide. These could include a fence around the outdoor space, a gate, or security cameras. The choice is up to you! If you’d like to get the absolute cutest and most reliable pool slides for your kids, check out this article on the best-trusted brands in the industry.

Once you’ve collected your pool materials, the next step is to build the structure. There are a couple of different options when it comes to how you want to lay out your pool slide. You can either do it on a flat surface or on a sloping terrain. Flat surfaces are great because they’re easy to clean and maintain. They also make it easier for the children to learn how to swim and get themselves in and out of the pool without any help. Sloping surfaces are great because it encourages practice while preventing injuries from falling off the apparatus.

It’s helpful to have a ramp or stairway of some kind leading to the pool to make accessing the water easier for your kids. You could also build an outdoor canopy over the pool area to provide some shade as well as some privacy.

Once you’ve got your pool materials and structure in place, all they need is some form of pump to get the water flowing. You could use an electric submersible pump or a drip pump to gently irrigate the container. If you’ve got a large garden, it may be easier to install an automatic sprinkler system to ensure that your children stay hydrated all summer long.

Of course, your kids may not always want to play in the pool. In that case, providing them with someplace else to go is important. You might want to look into the creation of an outdoor play area for them to use. This could include a sandbox, a jungle gym, or sandcastles made from packed earth, small wooden structures, or even an old dresser table with chairs arranged around it. The options are endless!

Giving your kids the opportunity to be active and social is a great way to improve their mental and physical health. A pool slide is a simple and safe way for them to do that while creating a memory that will last a lifetime. Now’s the time to get those outdoor spaces ready so that your children can enjoy the great outdoors in safety and comfort this summer season!

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