How To Drain Water From Pool For Winter Without Pump? [Ultimate Guide!]

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Most people are not fortunate enough to have a pool in their backyard, but there are ways you can still enjoy the wonderful feeling of swimming in the winter months. With just a little bit of planning and strategizing, you can still have that chlorine-fresh pool experience without having the warmth of the sun on your back and with fewer of the hassles that come with more traditional outdoor pools.

Consider The Weather

As the temperatures drop, so too does the temperature of the water in your pool. If you live in a place where it gets cold enough for your pool to freeze over, then there is no saving it. You need to drain it and find another pool to enjoy the winter months. If you live in a warmer place and you can still feel cold enough to need a pool, then there are ways you can use this winter break to your advantage. For example, you can cover the pool with a tarp to keep the heat in and enjoy the feeling of being under the warm sun and stars on a cool night. You can also use the pool for some winter workouts if you want. It is up to you.

Make Sure Your Pool Is Level

Whether you are swimming or simply lounging at the pool, whether hot or cold, there is one thing you need to avoid — an unlevel pool. If you notice, all the top-notch luxury pool brands make their pools level even before you lay down in them. In most cases, you do not have to do any heavy lifting to have an expertly leveled pool; they will do it for you. Still, it is better to be safe than sorry, so before you lay down or go for a swim, check for evenness. Leveling your pool not only makes it more comfortable for you to be in it but also ensures the water feels the same no matter what position you are in (facing it, sitting in it, or laying in it). If you are in a rush to get to the water park, consider renting a kayak or taking a ride in a hot air balloon to ease the pain of the long walk to the pool. Leveling your pool is not only about creating a better swimming experience for yourself; it also makes it easier for lifeguards to give you a proper assessment of your swimming skills should you need one.

Drain It And Re-Stabilize

Once you have had your pool for a while and you realize how much you enjoy being in it, you will start to notice certain things about it. One of these is that it starts to collect water in it unless you do something about it. As a matter of fact, if you do not drain your pool regularly, then it could start smelling a bit musty after a while — more so if you live in a place with exceptionally high humidity. Another thing you will start to notice is how fast water starts to gather in your pool. If you do not want to be bothered with keeping an eye on the pool level all the time, you need to take the easiest and the most convenient way out of it. You need to drain your pool and let it dry out before you start using it again. When you do start using it again, you will have to take the time to re-stabilize it. This means you will have to use a hose to clean it thoroughly, as well as adding more chemicals to it to ensure it stays clean for longer. Still, it is better to be safe than sorry, so before you start using your pool again, clean it and make sure there are no blockages in the pipes. Leveling your pool is not about perfection. It is about having a comfortable place where you can relax when the sun starts to feel too much like an invader and the atmosphere in your home starts to feel a little tense. A properly leveled pool will provide you with a feeling of serenity and tranquility and allow you to forget about the stresses of daily life for a while. So, if you want to keep the peace and quiet, make sure the water is always topped up and stays at the right level regardless of whether you are in it or not. You can also use the time to take a dip if you want.

Dry The Pool

Dry the pool outside, preferably on a warm day to speed up the process. Set up a dehumidifier near the pool to further speed up the process. You do not want to be opening up all the windows in the house to allow some airflow in, as this would cause you to lose all the moisture in the air. Once the pool is completely dry, it is best to store it in a dark location so that the colors do not fade. Use storage containers with tight-fitting lids to ensure no moisture is trapped inside. You can also use a pool cover to keep the sun out and the water looks better for longer.

All these tips and tricks for having a winter swimming pool are worth considering. You will enjoy being in the water whether it is hot or cold, so long as you can still enjoy the joy of being in the pool without any stress or pain. Thanks for reading! We hope this article was helpful.

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