How To Heat A Swimming Pool For Free? [Solved!]

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Taking a swim in the pool is one of the best things you can experience. The feeling of the cool water slipping between your toes or splashing against your ankles is unlike anything else. But, being the responsible adult that you are, you will want to make sure that the pool is always at a nice comfortable temperature. After all, you wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt due to heat exposure. So in this blog post, we will discuss ways to heat a swimming pool for free so that you can enjoy your visit to the water without hassle.

Install An Air-Conditioner

If you are reading this article, then you are either planning on heating your pool yourself or have already done so. In both cases, you will want to make sure that the air in the immediate vicinity of the pool is always at the right temperature. There are several air-conditioning units on the market that will accomplish this task with ease. You simply need to choose one that is rated for swimming pools and fits within your budget.

Consider An Electric Pool Heater

For those who are just getting started, it may be easier to simply invest in an electric pool heater. These heaters are quite reliable, and after your initial installation cost, you will not need to worry about energy costs for a long time. However, if you have already bought a pool and begun using it, then it may be time for an upgrade. While an electric pool heater is an excellent choice, it is always better to have more than one option when choosing equipment for your pool.

Hire A Pool Service To Cool It Down

If money is no object to you and you absolutely must have an immaculate pool, then it’s time to hire a swimming pool service. These companies will come to your aid and help you out with whatever you need. They will clear away any clutter from around the pool area so that you can enjoy your time in the water without any worries. They will install and service your pool filters as needed, add chlorine as required, and monitor and maintain the water quality.

Deep-Clean The Pool Area

After you have had your pool for a while, you will notice that the water becomes stained fairly quickly. This is due to all the oils that are naturally found in your skin as you swim or shower. To give your pool a nice, fresh appearance again, you will need to perform some rigorous swimming pool cleaning sessions at least twice a week. To achieve this, you will need to get a pool cleaning equipment that is appropriate for the size of your pool. Then, with the help of a professional cleaner, you will be able to ensure that your pool is always in good shape.

Consider A Spa Pool

For the ultimate swimmers, there is always the option of getting a spa pool. These are usually larger in size than your ordinary, everyday pool and feature some fantastic amenities. The water is always refreshed, and you can take a swim in the most comfortable of temperatures thanks to a built-in heater. In addition, most spa pools come with an attached spa, so if you wish to indulge yourself, then you can get a massage or do some yoga while enjoying the ambience of the water and its amenities.

At this point, you may be thinking that heat is still a major issue for your pool. This is true, but there are ways in which you can tackle this issue successfully. Aside from the previously mentioned possibilities, below are some other ways in which you can heat your pool without spending a fortune:

Install A Saltwater Outdoor Tank

The first thing you will need to do to heat your pool successfully is to install a saltwater outdoor tank. These tanks are usually large enough to accommodate at least two adults, and they also come with air pumps that will keep the water in motion. When the water in the tank gets stilled due to evaporation, then it will be time for a refill. However, you will need to be careful not to overfill it. Once the water level reaches its max, then it may overflow and cause considerable damage.

Use Glycerin

Glycerin is another great option for those who want to heat their pool. It is a thick, transparent liquid with a sweet smell that naturally occurs in plants. This substance is great in lowering the surface tension of water so that it bonds with other molecules easier. When there is a lack of glycerin in your pool, then it will be hard for the water to stay bound together in a steady state. In this case, it may become problematic to keep the pool at a constant temperature.

Add More Heaters

To achieve uniform heat distribution in your pool, you will need to add more heaters. But, make sure you don’t put too many in there because then you may end up with hot spots. Instead, you should add one heater per 10 feet of length of the pool. If you have a very large pool, then you will need to add more than one heater to ensure that there is always adequate heat.

Raise The Skate

If you are somewhere in the planning stages of building a pool and are looking for ways to heat it without breaking the bank, then you might want to consider raising the skate. These are protective fencing that keeps pestering animals and kids away from the pool area. If you have a few of them around the pool, then it will be easier for kids to play inside the pool area without straying too close to the water’s edge. The raised skates also prevent adults from accidentally falling into the pool.

Use Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries are more resistant to overheating than the usual, wet-cell batteries. This is because when the heat gets too high, then the zinc inside the batteries will react with the alkaline electrolyte to form zinc oxide. This is an insoluble, non-conductive compound that acts as a physical barrier between the liquid inside and the terminals. When this occurs, then the batteries can no longer be charged and will have to be replaced. But if you use these batteries then you will need to make sure that the pool area is well ventilated because the compound that they produce can be toxic if it comes into contact with the skin.

Put The Pool In Another Room

If money is no object to you, then it’s time to put the pool in another room. Fortunately, this can be a fairly easy task and will require minimal effort on your part. You will just need to put in some extra effort to make sure that the room is well-sealed and that the pool is always kept at a comfortable temperature. In this way, you can enjoy your pool without any worries or regrets.

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