How To Heat Your Swimming Pool For Free? [Expert Review!]

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Most people will tell you that having a pool in your backyard is one of the most wonderful things you can have. With the summer season arriving, people are looking for ways to enjoy the warmer weather so they can spend more time outside. One way to do this is by enjoying a night at the pool with friends and family. However, having a pool does incur some costs. You will have to find a way to heat it on your own if you want to use it, for example. In this article, we will discuss how to heat your swimming pool for free so you can enjoy the warmer weather without worry!

The Advantages Of Having A Pool

There are a lot of advantages to having a swimming pool in your backyard. It can be a great way to spend time with your family, make some extra cash, and enjoy the outdoor space. Here are just a few of the advantages.

1. Great For Swimming

One of the biggest advantages of having a pool is that it’s great for swimming. If you want to swim with your family during the summer, having a pool is the perfect solution. You can swim with the kids in the morning and have a cool shower before heading back out for the day. In the evening, you can enjoy a sunset swim with your spouse with no fear of overheating!

2. Great For Learning To Swim

Learning to swim is a process and can be quite challenging. It can also be quite rewarding to master. If you want to learn how to swim and have a pool available, this is the perfect opportunity. You can practice in the safety of your own pool and if you feel comfortable enough, take the plunge and give it a try! Don’t forget to have some floatation devices with you in case you fall off the ladder.

3. Great For Parties

Parties are fun. Who cares if it’s just a pool party or a backyard BBQ with friends and family? Having a swimming pool in your backyard is always fun. You can have games and contests where everyone gets wet. You can also cover the pool in decorations for added fun!

4. Cool Ways To Relax

There are many ways to relax and have fun in your pool. You can do simple leisure activities like float around and catch some rays or you can set up a water jug in the sun with some lemonade to make it more exciting. You can place small lounges around the edge of the pool for additional comfort. Finally, you can order food and drinks from nearby restaurants and keep an eye on the weather so you don’t overheat!

5. Money Maker

A pool can be a money maker. If you plan on using it frequently, you can invest in some pool noodles to make it easier to clean the pool after each use. Then, you can rent the pool to others and make some extra cash!

6. Great For Recreation

If you have an extra space next to your pool, you can set up a basketball court or a ping pong table. This is especially enjoyable for kids! In addition, you can purchase a boat for rent and take your family for a swim in the lake. Fishing can also be a lot of fun with the right equipment.

7. Health Benefits

With the summertime, people are looking for ways to stay cool. One way to do this is by staying in the water. Staying hydrated is essential in keeping cool, so drinking plenty of water is vital. Also, getting some exercise will help you stay cool as well. Your body will need energy to regulate its temperature and moving around will help burn calories. So, it’s important to get at least a little bit of both.

The Disadvantages Of Having A Pool

While there are many advantages to having a pool in your backyard, there are also some disadvantages. Just like anything else, there is a downside to having a pool in your backyard. It takes a bit of work to heat it and clean it, so if you don’t have the time this summer, it might be better to look for another way to enjoy the heat.

1. Noisy

One of the disadvantages of having a pool is that it’s quite noisy. You will hear people talking, laughing, and splashing around in the water. If you want a spot where you and your spouse can get a moment of peace and quiet, this might be a good option for you.

2. Hot Work

Heating a pool isn’t easy. It requires a lot of physical work in the hot sun and it’s not something that most people want to do. If you try to make it easier by using a pool heater, it will become quite costly. There are also some safety concerns with heating a pool. People are usually required to wear sunscreen and protective clothing when heating a pool. This can make it hard to take a cool shower afterward since you’ll be soaking wet. Also, using chemicals to clean the pool is always an option, but most people would rather avoid these chemical cleaners since they’re not natural and can damage the environment.

3. Too Trendy

People with active social lives don’t want to keep their pool untidy. If you have lots of kids and animals around, you’ll need to cover the pool with a plastic sheet or else they’ll destroy it. Also, if you have a waterfall nearby, people will want to go there all the time for a swim. This can also be a bit dangerous since there’s a chance of the water falling onto you from above.

4. No Place For A Fridge

Most people keep their food cool in the fridge, so there’s no place for a fridge in a pool. If you want to have food and drinks available, you’ll need to bring them with you in a basket or cooler. This is easier to do if you have a picnic area with a grill. Grills and cookers aren’t cheap and it’s not easy to heat up a BBQ in the hot sun. So, if you don’t have one, it might be best to forget about having food and drinks available at the pool party.

5. Noisy Neighbors

If you live in a residential area and you hear noise coming from the neighbors’ pools, it can become a problem. Not only will this be annoying, but it might also lead to a dispute. This isn’t something that most people want to deal with, especially since it’s usually kids making the noise anyway. So if this is a concern, it might be better to look at other options.

6. Destructive

Pools aren’t indestructible, so if you don’t take care of them properly, they can become damaged quickly. This is caused by kids or animals playing in or around the pool, not paying attention to their surroundings, and having a bad habit of pulling things down from the roof or sides to access the cool water at the bottom. If this happens, the pool could become unusable since you’ll have trouble cleaning it. Also, dirt and debris will prevent the pool from cooling properly, so this can also cause damage.

7. Unfriendly

People aren’t necessarily bad creatures, but they can be quite oblivious and forgetful when it comes to their pools. This means that if you want to have a friendly competition with your neighbor, you’ll need to make sure they know about it. Otherwise, they might have some mischief in mind when they see your pool.

How To Heat Your Swimming Pool For Free?

As you can see, there are a lot of disadvantages to having a pool in your backyard. However, there are also some advantages. If you want to have fun in the sun this summer, it might be worth considering the disadvantages to see if there is another option. In this case, you can heat your swimming pool for free by using one of the following methods.

1. Rainwater Tanks

One of the simplest and most accessible methods of heating a pool is with a rainwater tank. These tanks are usually placed under the eaves of your house so they can collect the water and release it through a spout nearby. You connect the spout to the downspout, which is routed to a drain, and the water will flow directly into your pool. You can also use this method to water your garden or wash your car. The catch is that you’ll need to keep an eye out for leaks and ensure the tank is securely fastened to prevent any accidents due to leakage or overflow.

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