How To Increase Chlorine In Pool Water? [Expert Review!]

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If you’ve been reading our articles, you know how important it is to keep your pool water clean. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dangers that lurk in the pool, making it challenging to keep your pool pristine. If you’re looking to improve the water quality of your pool, then there are a few straightforward things that you can do. One of the simplest ways to raise the chlorine content of your pool water is to add more chlorine to it. If you add too much chlorine, then the odor and taste will be affected, but it’s generally a easy fix by removing some of the chlorine and letting it reabsorb into the pool water. If you keep adding chlorine to untreated or poorly treated water, then you will eventually reach a point of diminishing returns. At that point, the water will become saturated with chlorine and it’ll be harder to tell if you’ve added more chlorine than what’s naturally present in the water already. In this article, we’ll discuss several different methods for adding more chlorine to your pool water.

Use A Swimming Pool Chemical Booster Strainer

A swimming pool chemical booster strainer is a great way to add more chlorine to your pool water. Chemical boosters make it easy to increase the amount of chlorine in your pool water. Just add them to the skimmer, then wait for the timer to run for about 10 minutes before emptying the pool and cleaning it. This will help get rid of any residue that may be left over from the chemical booster, as well as giving your pool water that clean, fresh chlorinated smell. Chemical boosters come in various strengths, so you can choose the one that’s right for your pool.

Wash Down The Pool Walls Once A Week With A Cleaning Product

Washing down the pool walls once per week with a pool cleaning product is another great way to disinfect and raise the chlorine content of your pool water. Just like with the chemical booster, you can choose from a variety of products to fit your needs. Regular washing down the pool walls will help maintain healthy, clear water, and keep those nasty algae at bay. You should do this process a couple times per week, especially if you have a lot of algae growth in your pool.

Foster Healthy Germs In Your Pool By Adding More Bacteria

Adding more bacteria to your pool water is another great way to keep its quality high. There are several different types of bacteria that you can choose from, all of which can be found in your local pond or water table. Bacteria help decompose organic matter, such as food scraps and dead animals that may have fallen into the water. Bacteria also feed on the nutrients that are naturally present in untreated wastewater, turning it into a nutrient-rich pool water. The decomposition process that bacteria help with is also responsible for giving your pool water its distinctive, clean smell. Bacteria are indispensable in keeping your pool water clean and clear. They will help maintain its pH balance and reduce any bad odors that may be present. You should add some type of bacteria to your pool water, either in the form of a pool chemical booster or by directly adding bacteria to the water source.

When it comes to keeping your pool clean, the simplest ways to go about it are often the best. The above methods are just a few of the ways that you can add more chlorine to your pool water. The simplest way to do this is to simply add more chlorine. If this sounds like an easy enough option for you, then go for it! You’ll soon discover that your pool water will become crystal clear, odor-free, and tasteless. In fact, adding chlorine to your pool is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to improve its water quality.

Replace Old Pool Linens Often

A good pool liner is essential to keeping your pool clean and free from unpleasant algae growth and other types of debris. The good thing about pool linens is that you can buy them in large quantities at affordable prices, making it easy to replace whenever they start looking a bit tattered or worn. Make sure to check the warranty before purchasing any pool linens so that you can be sure that you are covered should anything happen to them. Most pools will have a one-year warranty on their pool linens, protecting you from any type of damages that might occur.

Install A Filter On Your Pump

If you’ve been meaning to install a filter on your pump, then now is the right time to do it. The purpose of a filter on your pump is to trap small debris, such as algae and other types of organic matter, that would otherwise end up in your pool. Most pumps have a built-in filter that can be found towards the back. When you install a filter on your pump, you will not only be keeping your pool clean, but you’ll also be improving its pH balance and giving it a good, fresh smell. If you’re looking for an easy way to further improve the quality of your pool water, then consider installing a filter on your pump.

If you decide that you’d like to add another source of chlorine to your pool, then you can take the above-mentioned methods and tailor them to work for your needs. Simply add the proper amount of chlorine to your pool and you will be on your way to crystal clear, odorless, and alkaline pool water in no time.

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