How To Keep A Kiddie Pool Water Clean? [Solved!]

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Most adults love their pools. They offer relaxation, a chance to be with family, and perhaps even a few fish to keep an eye on.

While the appeal of a pool is great, it also has some serious downsides. One of the major concerns is cleaning the pool water. If you’re not careful enough, then it’s very easy for all sorts of bacteria and algae to develop, leading to a potential health risk. Also, if you keep the pool water too clean then the actual appeal of the pool will fade because there’s nothing to see in it.

To avoid all of this, it’s vital that you learn how to keep a clean pool. Luckily, we’ve got you covered on this front. In this article, you’re going to discover easy tips on how to keep a clean pool water for your kids.

Get The Right Equipment

The very first thing you need to do to keep a pool clean is to get the right equipment. You’ll need the usual swimming pool gear like a chair, umbrella, and life jacket, but you’ll also want to get some specialized equipment for the task. You’ll need a pool vacuum, for instance, to suck up all the gunk at the bottom of the pool. Other important items you’ll need are water testing kit and a water purification system. Finally, you’ll need a water heater that can produce a steady stream of warm water. These are some pretty basic items, but they all play a crucial role in keeping your pool clean.

Regular Cleaning

Another important thing to do is to clean the pool on a regular basis. Believe it or not, but bacteria and algae develop quite rapidly in dirty pools, and if you want to keep your pool clean, then you have to ensure that it’s always clean. There are several different ways to do this. First, you can add more chemicals to the water on a regular basis. This, however, can have some serious side effects, so ensure that you consult your local pool safety inspector before you start messing with chemical levels in your pool. Second, if you have a pool cleaner coming every week then this is the perfect opportunity to have them scrub the pool before they start vacuum-upping the water. Third, you can remove all of the hair and dirt from the water using a power scrubber. The best type of electric scrubber for this task is one that has an adjustable brush head, so you can be sure that all areas of the pool are cleaned equally. It’d be best to have an outside service do this for you so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting wet while scrubbing away.

Saltwater Vs. Freshwater

The next thing you need to do is determine whether you’re going to have saltwater or freshwater in your pool. If you have saltwater, then you’re going to need to do some additional research into how much salt it contains. Some pools are specifically designed for saltwater use, and if this is the case, then you have the option of simply adding more salt to the water to make it more suitable for your pool. Alternatively, if you decide that fresh water is better for your pool, then you can always purchase a water softener, which will take all of the minerals out of the water.

Whatever the case may be, you need to be aware of the type of water that you’re using in your pool. If you decide that saltwater is suitable for your pool, then you’re going to need to add more salt to it on a regular basis, and if you want to keep a clean pool, then make sure that you do this on a regular basis.

Vacuum Cleaning

To keep your pool as clean as possible, you need to vacuum clean it on a regular basis. This entails using a vacuum cleaner to suck up all of the gunk at the bottom of the pool and removing it. The vacuum cleaner has a tube that you insert into the pool and then switch on, while the other end is connected to a vacuum reservoir. The vacuum pump then begins to create a partial vacuum at the end of the tube, pulling in all of the dirt and debris at the bottom of the pool. Once all of this debris has been gathered, then you can change the vacuum bag and start over again.

This process is quite simple, yet extremely effective in removing all of the gunk that builds up at the bottom of the pool over time. It also helps prevent algae growth, which can make the water look murky and cause algae blooms that are quite unsightly. On top of this, regular vacuum cleaning prevents the formation of a mildew layer on the pool walls, making the water look fresher and feel more comfortable in the water. It also helps keep your pool in good condition regardless of whether it’s been exposed to extreme heat or cold weather. Keep in mind though, if you do a lot of traveling or spending time outdoors that could expose the pool to some serious chemicals and pollution, so think about where you’ll be vacationing or what sort of activities you’ll be participating in before making a decision to keep your pool clean or not. You’ll be making the right choice for you and your family’s well-being if you keep your pool clean.

Water Testing And Purification

To test the water in your pool for clarity and health, you’ll need to purchase a kit that contains all of the necessary items. This includes a testing stick that you stick in the water, a container to collect the samples, and instructions on how to proceed. It’s also a good idea to get a sample of water from outside the pool in case there’s been an accident or someone has contaminated the pool water.

Once you’ve collected all of the samples, then you can take them to the lab and have them tested, which usually only takes a few hours. The results of the tests will then be provided to you via phone call or email, and you’ll know what to do next. Should the results show that there’s a lot of algae in the pool, then you’ll have to start adding some chlorine to the pool to kill it. If the levels of chlorine are correct, then the pool should be fairly clean and safe to swim in.

Should the results show that there’s a high level of ammonia in the water, then you’ll need to start looking for solutions. Ammonia is quite toxic to humans, so you should fix this problem as soon as possible before it gets worse. The safest and most effective way of removing ammonia is by using a water treatment system that replaces all of the pool water on a regular basis. This allows you to concentrate on having fun in the water while ensuring that your kids remain healthy and clean. Ammonia is quite persistent in water, so even if you think that the water in your pool is quite clean, you may want to get another sample done just to be sure.

Temperature Is Key

The last thing you need to do to keep a clean pool is to keep the water at a proper temperature. This is quite easy if you have a pool heater, which you’ll need to purchase in addition to the others items listed above. The heater will keep the water at the correct temperature, regardless of whether it’s been heat or cold outside, so swimming in a pool that’s been heated by a swimmer is ideal because it ensures that you’ll remain hot, which makes it quite comfortable in the water even if it’s been a cold day outside. On the other hand, keeping the pool at a cool temperature will help prevent the growth of algae and bacteria, and thus keep your pool clean and safe for use. If you notice, many pool cleaners have an option of setting the temperature of the water, so make sure you check this before you buy the product. In most cases, you can set the temperature quite easily, and it should be noted that some pool cleaners work better depending on whether the pool is at a cool or warm temperature. In terms of the overall effectiveness of the pool cleaner, you’ll need to try it out yourself to see if it’s right for you.

Learning how to keep a pool clean is a lot easier than you’d think. With just a few changes to the usual equipment and some common sense, you’ll be able to enjoy your pool without any problems. Remember, if you want to keep your pool clean, then make sure that it’s always clean by cleaning it on a regular basis using the proper equipment and the following tips. This way, you’ll be making the right choice for yourself and your family’s health and safety, which is most important when it comes to having fun in the water. If you keep all of these tips in mind and follow them carefully, then you’re sure to have a clean and enjoyable pool experience. Good luck out there.

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