How To Keep Small Intex Pool Water Clean? [Facts!]

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Most people take their swimming pools for granted. They leave it either empty or filled with water, and it just works. But what if I told you that the water in your pool could be harboring a host of bacteria and disease-causing organisms?

You might ask yourself: How on earth could my pool water get contaminated? Could it be from dirty fish tank water or a garden hose that got clogged up? More likely than not, the answer is “yes”. Especially if you live in a place with warm temperatures all year round like most of us do. In this case, keeping the water clean is more imperative than ever.

Chemical Cleaning

It’s no secret that adding chlorine to your pool water is the simplest way to keep it clean. Chlorination is also popular because it’s easy and affordable. The downside to chlorinating your pool water is that it becomes less appealing to fish, amphibians, and other animals, which can lead to problems for the environment. Chemical cleaners, such as Trichlor or Brixie, are often added to swimming pools as a precaution against illness and also to promote better air quality.

Ultraviolet Light

Even better than chemicals for keeping bacteria and other organisms at bay is ultraviolet (UV) light. Just like with the sun’s rays, UV light can disinfect and sterilize water. But unlike conventional light which is visible to the naked eye, UV light is only visible to the naked eye when exposed to it for a short period of time. This makes it ideal for use in pools and spa water treatments. Like chemical cleaners, UV lights are also inexpensive, require little to no maintenance, and are easy to use. Just make sure that the bulb is replaced often to ensure maximum efficiency.

Filtration And Coarse Graining

Adding a layer of sand between the water and the pool’s surface further inhibits the growth of algae and other plants which can produce toxin as well as diminish the pool’s aesthetic appeal. Filtration also helps to remove harmful suspended solids that can accumulate at the pool’s surface over time. In addition, the sand helps to prevent slip and falls in the pool area, which can be especially dangerous for older or handicapped people. Finally, pool filters help keep your pool water crystal clear by trapping certain bacteria and microscopic organisms at the pool’s surface. Over time, these organisms can eat away at the pool’s surface and give it a mucky sheen which detracts from its aesthetic appeal.

Regular Cleaning

It’s no secret that dirt, oils, and various biotic matter can accumulate at the pool’s surface over time. Regular cleaning of the pool is therefore necessary to keep it looking good and healthy. A good way to clean the pool without having to resort to chemicals or UV light is by using a pool brush to scrub the surface area regularly. The key is to ensure that the brush is clean and immersed in water when used, lest it become encrusted with dirt and oil which would then be difficult to remove.

An alternative to brushing the pool is to use a vacuum cleaner with a beater brush attachment to clean it. Rerouting the suction to the outside of the pool is also important to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria into the air you and your family members breathe in while underwater.

If you’re really worried about the cleanliness of your pool water, then consider using an in-house pool cleaner. These cleaners are frequently sold in kits which contain the necessary plumbing and electrical connections as well as the container and pump for the fluid. Most in-house pool cleaners also come with accessories which make cleaning the pool even easier, such as a diving board brush and pool cleaner nozzles in various shapes and sizes for cleaning the entire interior of the pool.


The key to keeping small intex pool water clean is by regularly cleaning it using one of the above methods. Additionally, make sure that any surfaces which come in contact with the water are cleaned regularly as well. Use a UV light in the pool to disinfect it as needed, and remember to change the bulb often to ensure that it provides the best possible light for cleaning.

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