How To Paint Pool Steps While Water Is Full? [Expert Review!]

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Most homeowners are quite happy to have a pool in their backyard, especially since it’s such a nice spot to relax and unwind after a long day. Unfortunately, pools can be pretty expensive to maintain, especially if you want the pool to look just the way it did when you bought it new. One way of saving money while still keeping a pool at home is by doing some painting on the pool steps. You can easily achieve a professional look while also keeping the charm of your simple backyard pool.

Paint pool steps in two colors to create a focal point and to keep the eye moving constantly around the pool area. Bright white paint makes the area look larger than life, and it really sets the mood for relaxing after a stressful day. Even better, using two colors also makes it easier to blend into the architecture of your home when the time comes to repaint.

To start, prepare the surface of the pool steps by removing any existing paint or wallpaper, and giving the area a good clean. Next, measure the height of the pool steps and determine the thickness of the wall covering. You will need to rent or purchase a ladder so you can reach the required elevation when painting. Make sure to bring a friend along so that you can support each other while working.

Once you have the ladder positioned against the wall, carefully stretch a long painter’s tape across the area to be painted. Use the tape to prevent accidents or any paint spills that could be ruined by water or chemicals. To ensure that the tape does not slip and that it stays in place during the entire painting process, use masking tape or duct tape in a similar fashion. This type of tape is meant to be permanent and should not be removed during the life of the project.

To start painting, apply a good layer of exterior latex paint to the steps, being careful not to go over any of the tape. While the paint is still wet, add a second coat and let it dry for about five minutes before continuing. Do this until you have covered the entire surface area, ensuring that the final coat is a smooth blend of colors. Once the second coat has completely dried, remove the tape and any excess paint with water.

It is now time to add some texture and visual interest to the area. For this, use some house paint in a pattern that follows the contours of the area. You can use a paint roller or a brush to achieve the desired effect, following the shape of the pool steps. Take your time and make sure to add at least two coats, letting each coat dry for about five minutes before moving to the next. Also, be sure to work from the bottom up so you do not have any drips while also creating a visual transition from the smooth paint to the patterned texture. Once the patterned texture is finished, add a third coat of paint and let it dry for fifteen minutes before moving to the next step.

Rough It Up With Stain And Sealant

If you are not into patterns, then why not add a little bit of character by using a different color for the final coat? Staining is a popular method of adding character to a surface, and it can be a great way to experiment with color while still keeping it simple. For this project, use a dark color like chocolate or burgundy for added visual appeal. To ensure that the final coat is completely sealed, apply a topcoat or varnish, allowing it to dry for fifteen minutes before using again.

Even though the steps are looking great, it’s important not to stop there. Once the area is dried, apply a couple of coats of clear sealant to protect the paint from water damage and to further add character. Do this whenever the area around the pool is exposed to the elements or if there are any heavy rains that may cause the paint to peel off. This will help keep the pool looking clean and fresh for years to come.

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