How To Patch A Swimming Pool Liner? [Expert Guide!]

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Few things in life are as relaxing as swimming in a pool. But occasionally, your pool can become unsanitary due to leaks or a broken water line. When this happens, you might need to replace the water in it. This article will tell you the ins and outs of fixing a swimming pool liner so you can continue enjoying your day in the water.

Do Your Research

The first step in any project is proper research. You should familiarize yourself with how the liner works and what materials it is made of so you can properly select and prepare the needed tools and equipment for the job. If possible, take the time to talk to the pool manufacturer or supplier about what type of vinyl they used in the manufacture of your pool liner. This will help you determine the proper thickness of the vinyl to use in your project. If you do not have this information, you should consult with a local pool store or manufacturer representative to get a feel for what is available to you.

Selection Of The Right Patch Cable

After you’ve done your research and found what type of vinyl your pool is made of, it’s time to choose the right patch cable. This is going to be your connection to the wall socket, so it is very important that it is reliable and of good quality. It is a good idea to purchase a few different types of patch cables before making a decision. These days, almost all pool liners are made out of transparent vinyl, which allows you to see what’s going on under the water. If your pool is made of clear vinyl, you might want to opt for a cable with a bright yellow jacket to match the bright yellow of the vinyl. If you decide on an opalescent cable, this will create a slight cloudiness that makes the water look more realistic. Opalescent cables are also better suited for outdoor use. While other types of cables do survive underwater, they are not as flexible or durable as the opalescent ones. If you want your pool to look as good as new, go with the opalescent options. They are the most realistic looking and, therefore, the best choice for aesthetic reasons.

Cut The Pool Liner To Size

Now that you have your pool liner and you’re ready to patch it, it’s time to cut it to size. Before you start cutting, you should have chosen the right tool for the job. A good trick is to use a rotary tool for this purpose. Once you’ve got the right equipment, you can simply follow the instructions that came with it to cut the pool liner. In case you’ve done it right, the pool will appear perfectly smooth and clean to the naked eye. If you’ve got an uneven edge at the joint, it could cause a small wet spot, which, in turn, might cause algae or moss to grow there. This is why it’s important to get it done right the first time. Do not cut too much off the end, just remove enough to hide the screws that were holding the liner in place. After you’ve cut the pool liner to size, do not hesitate to put a drop of dish soap on it to clean it better. Once you’ve done that, let it air dry before laying it on the grass or concrete to continue absorbing any water that might have settled there during the day. This is going to help prevent any mildew or other growth on the surface of the pool area. If you follow these simple tips, you’re going to be able to enjoy your pool time without any worries. Just make sure that you clean the walls and floor of the pool area frequently, especially if you have small children or pets around the pool area.

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