How To Pool Points Together Jetblue?

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JetBlue is known for its customer-friendly policies that include their TrueBlue program, which allows passengers to earn and use points towards flights. One particularly intriguing feature of the program is being able to pool those points together with friends and family members.

To create a “points pool” on JetBlue, you’ll want to gather your group first. Up to seven people can combine their points together in one place (with at least two required), making it easier for everyone to reach flight goals faster.

The online process makes it easy: you just need one person in your group to initiate the process by creating an account if they don’t already have one. Once created, he or she will invite others via email. Those who accept simply click through and link up their existing accounts – even downgrading them from individual accounts without any penalty fees!

You might be wondering why someone would want to form such a collective point-earning system? The reason really comes down to convenience – all parties benefit when multiple users’ earned rewards add up quicker than each member could do individually.

This guide will help explain how establishing a pooled-program situation works for travelers seeking a more streamlined way of using Jetblue’s TrueBlue loyalty-point structure. From there we’ll cover tips and tricks on maximizing benefits available among cooperative groups that actively engage each other…

First things first: What is pooling?

Pooling involves consolidating the TrueBlue points of two or more Jetblue members into one account, thereby allowing them to redeem rewards faster. This process can be incredibly beneficial for families taking trips together or frequent-flyer friends who wish to share their points with each other.

Jetblue allows up to 7 people (including yourself) to participate in a point pool and contribute their unused “points” towards your next trip booking on The good thing is that there are no fees involved; it’s completely free!

Note: Only individual accounts older than 30 days old qualify for Point Pooling.

Once you initiate a point pool request from the “Points” section on, invites will be sent over email addresses of fellow participants/jet blue family members that you have added via invitation links either by sharing link through text message or directly sending emails inviting few individuals at once. They will then need accept the invite within six calendar days before contributing some portion/decide as how much they want to pool in/share transferwise equally others shared pooled expense but after accepting all member’s true-blue partner name would show up under GUEST PASSES tab. Once everyone contributes points, you can use them straightway toward new reservations

“Pooling helps combine our spending power so we can enjoy greater benefits without having to spend more money.” – Isabella S.

Understanding the basics

If you’re a frequent flyer with JetBlue, you likely want to pool all of your points together for maximum rewards. Luckily, it’s easy and straightforward to do so. First off, make sure that each member in your family or group has their individual TrueBlue accounts set up properly.

How does pooling work?

JetBlue allows members of its loyalty program, TrueBlue, to pool their points together with other family or friends’ accounts. This is perfect if one person doesn’t have enough points on their own but wants to redeem them for something larger like vacation packages.

To get started, choose who will be the head account holder– the primary member who has already enrolled in the pooled point plan. After choosing this person (the “head” can change at any time), they invite others through email by logging into their JetBlue online profile page and selecting “Points Pooling”. Once invited users receive an email confirmation from Jet Blue regarding adding points in a Pool account; then approved individuals contribute between 1k-100k per calendar year.The primary way to add more people would be via invitation.If necessary, uninvited partners could open a new true blue manually.

“To keep things fair and proportionate within your pools agreement: Make a few standard guidelines including how often everyone plans on contributing towards building up collected reward points.”
The benefits of pooling:

You’ll see immediate dividends when attempting to travel somewhere as tickets are bought out fast during peak season times especially.Now, it definitely marks some real concessions within budget-friendly vacations. By Using Jetblue Pools Feature customers enjoy sharing discounts such as hotel accommodations which would absorb loads off travel expenses.Additionally, (if decided upon) The whole accumulated Points earned(Pool Money/Value);can now also serve as “family currency” to spend on any eligible family expense that commences across JetBlue’ platform.People are saving money by gaining almost feels otherworldly especially when youre able to sign off a whopping 120, 000 free points after pooling them together sucessfully.

Who can join in on the fun?

If you’re a JetBlue TrueBlue member, then you’re eligible to pool points together with other members. The program was designed for families and friends who frequently travel together or live under one household.

You can form your own Pooling Family by inviting up to seven people who are also part of the TrueBlue program to contribute their TrueBlue points towards your shared goals without any fees.

To create a Pooling Family, simply log into your JetBlue account and click on ‘Manage My Account.’ From there, select ‘Family Pooling’ from the navigation menu and start setting it up. You’ll be prompted to enter email addresses or True Blue number of each person participating in pooling points, but they have to accept invitation before joining it.

“Pooling is an excellent way for our customers to earn and share rewards, ” says Joanna Geraghty, president of JetBlue Technology Ventures. “Travelers love the ease and flexibility that come with family pools. Instead of having multiple accounts scattered across different individuals; all travelers’ points go directly toward common goals.”

All members contributing pooling Points will benefit as long as they stay within this arrangement because higher balances result in greater point values overall which could potentially lead them closer – if not surpass – Gold Status criteria depending on where users initially stand!

Friends, family, and pets (just kidding about the pets!)

If you’re a frequent Jetblue traveler like me, I’m guessing you’ve accumulated some points over time. And maybe you want to pool those points together with friends or family for an upcoming trip. Here’s how:

Firstly, log into your Jetblue account and navigate to the “Family Pooling” section. From there, you can create a new pool by selecting the eligible members who will contribute their TrueBlue Points.

Quote: “Pooling points is such a great feature that Jetblue provides. It makes it really easy for our family to travel together without worrying about individual point balances.” – Sarah J., Jetblue customer

You’ll then be able to select which percentage of each member’s total balance they’d like to contribute towards the pool. You can also set up automatic contributions so that everyone contributes regularly throughout the year.

The one caveat here is that pools require at least two adults as either donors or recipients. However, children aged 13-17 are allowed in Family Pools but must receive parent/guardian approval before joining.

Quote: “I actually prefer pooling my points with friends rather than using them individually because we get to go on more trips without feeling guilty about spending too much on airfare.” – John D., recurring JetBlue passenger

In summary, Pooling your Jetblue Rewards Points can make planning group trips easier and less expensive if done correctly.

Remember when traveling in groups thing might turn out better considering other people likes/dislikes/preferences therefore discussing beforehand what etc should be taken care off would make sure that all have an enjoyable experience altogether.

Requirements for eligibility

JetBlue’s TrueBlue program allows members to pool points together with family and friends. However, there are certain requirements that must be met in order to do so.

A member can only create or join a point-pooling account if they have been a member of the TrueBlue program for at least 12 months. Additionally, they need to have earned at least one point through JetBlue themselves before being able to participate in point pooling.

Once these two criteria have been met, members can start accumulating their points together with others within their household group or designated friend circle.

To make things even easier, JetBlue assigns each member as either a ‘head’ of a household account who sets up the account initially by inviting other eligible individuals to join (also known as ‘poolers’), or simply joining another person’s existing household. There is no limit on how many people you invite/join but households with less than five members may pay an administrative fee per person which varies based on season and demand.

“I was thrilled when I learned about Jetblue’s optiomization of its earning structure — not just allowing me earn high class flights faster– but also bringing my loved ones ever closer.”

Note: Members can leave any pooled accounts whenever they want, and it will not affect the status/points of other members within that group/pool. In conclusion, understanding the eligibility criteria around point pooling helps ensure efficient use/saving toward earning rewards together amongst groups such as family and close acquaintances keeping everyone happy without individual struggles towards gaining bonus miles!

How to set up your “pool party”

If you’re considering pooling points together with JetBlue, it’s important that you understand how best to plan and prepare your trip.

First things first: decide who will be coming along for the ride. Once you have a firm headcount, take some time to consider everyone’s travel preferences so that they can all enjoy their experience equally.

“By having a rough idea of each traveler’s ideal itinerary, it makes group decision-making more straightforward.”

Determine an appropriate budget for accommodations and activities. Be sure to factor in any potential expenses such as food or transportation costs when choosing lodging options. Next up – ensure that those traveling are aware of the rewards program being used. This way they may feel encouraged to participate actively towards accruing enough miles since there is likely excitement about redeeming them later on down the line.

“It helps if everyone knows what sort of rewards yours miles would present before contributing their own.”

To begin accumulating JetBlue miles by means of pool points:

  • Select one person amongst yourselves from whom everybody will transfer points over
  • The person receiving must link his/her TrueBlue account through which he/she shall receive transferred mileage
  • A confirmation email message will then be sent out once point sharing has been confirmed
  • Miles-sharing can only occur per household every 30 days but not exceeding 100k within six consecutive months. The period doesn’t same reflecting particularly between two households or parties
In short, prior planning offers desirable results better than impromptu arrangements at least when dealing with delicately balanced matters like resource allocation.

Step-by-step instructions

If you want to pool points together on Jetblue, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Identify who will be the designated Pool Leader.

The first step is choosing which member of the TrueBlue program will act as the Pool Leader. The leader can invite other members to join their family account and request for them to contribute towards that specific goal or reward.

Step 2: Start setting up your Family Account.

You can start by logging in with a username and password associated with your existing individual TrueBlue account. After this, select “Create a household” from the dropdown at the top right corner of

“Family pooling narrows it down so everyone earns toward flying somewhere we all really want to take, ” – Kacie Ricker
Step 3: Invite family/friends/alike frequent flyers into joining your group.

You can add up to two adults over 21 years old and five children under age 21 (or any combination thereof) without requiring verification documents. You’ll also need each person’s name & information — making sure that everything lines up exactly how it appears on an ID card – frequently flyer accounts numbers alongside full postal addresses (PO boxes aren’t accepted), contact phone number et cetera.

“JetBlue’s way I think has been easiest, ” stated Mike LaRosa when asked about his opinion regarding pooling programs offered by various airlines.”
Step4: Set up contributions goals/targets towards long-term earnings.

As soon as everybody becomes part of one Household they confront effectiveness in accomplishing earning rewards mentioned only earlier available individually- but now they’ll get more chances! Keep track of every contributing member’s earning balance amounts, you can set up a specific goal that will help build up aspirational targets towards the bigger picture discounts or reward redemption points.

“You can work together to pool your miles if one of you hasn’t accrued enough for the full cost of a flight, ” – Samantha Rosen from ThePointsGuy
Step5: Enjoy Member Benefits!

You would be amazed at how fast things start building once everything is put in place properly with deadlines and monthly balances go into everyone’s account correctly.When you get rewards everybody gets rewarded equally regardless on who contributed much more.

Tips and tricks for a successful pool

If you are planning to organize a group vacation or trip, pooling your points together with Jetblue can be an excellent way to save some money. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you pull off this feat:

Create A Plan

Start by creating a plan outlining what everyone wants out of the vacation – adventure, relaxation, sightseeing etc. The idea is to create something which accommodates all interests while still providing stress-free travel. This should involve discussions about how many people are in the party including children and preferences like flying time slots.

Get Everyone Involved In Earning Points

Gather everybody’s loyalty program account details so they can contribute their point balances towards flights and hotel reservations – don’t just rely on one person as it may cause tension if disagreements arise over using reward points later date! Consider requesting lower-wage earning coworkers book activities requiring cash payment.

“Teamwork makes the dream work” – John C. Maxwell Pick The Right Credit Card For Gaining Extra Reward Points
“Your credit score shouldn’t discourage you from shopping around.” -Kimberly Palmer

The right card could provide additional benefits such as welcome bonuses to boost earnings pre-travel bookings being made saving more than would have been possible any other way!

Budget Management Is Key
“A budget tells us what we can’t afford, but it doesn’t keep us from buying it.” -William Feather
Keeping tabs on spending ensures every purchase serves vital roles essential for smooth continuation of the trip allowing allocation necessary funds into aspects where needed most– think daily expenses during the stay inclusive food costs. By following these steps keeping open communication across the group improving chances amalgamating JetBlue points from all, overcoming hassle-free saving extended miles and finding unforgettable trips must become realistic goals.

Benefits of pooling points

JetBlue allows its TrueBlue members to pool their points together, which can offer benefits for families and friends traveling together. Here are some advantages of pooling JetBlue points:

Larger redemption options:

By combining points with others, you’ll have more than one account’s worth of rewards that can be redeemed at once. This means the group will likely qualify for better deals on hotels or get larger discounts on flights than an individual would.

Easier way to earn award travel:

If each member in a family pools their JetBlue reward program earnings into a single “pot, ” it may make earning enough awards easier. With one joint account, redeeming rewards might require fewer miles from each person compared to independent accounts.

Avoid expirations:

Pooled True Blue Points don’t expire as long as there is activity from any participating account every 12 months. So if only one member earns or redeems something within the year, everyone’s point balance stays safe instead of losing them individually due to expiration dates.

“Pooling your JetBlue regular flyer loyalty credit card miles makes sense because you’re more likely to reach redemption levels faster when everybody is contributing.”
-William J.McClintock, A beneficial option for infrequent travelers: If someone doesn’t fly frequently enough themselves but regularly travels with other people who do fly often and collect these types of mileage perks like free upgrades or airline tickets they could benefit by joining forces.Spend less money directly: The cost-per-point decreases when members pool because discounted flight redemptions offer considerable savings per passenger; this provides bargain shopping opportunities while still enjoying high-quality service. In conclusion Pooling True Blue Points allows multiple accounts’ worth of rewards to be redeemed together, making travel more affordable and accessible for everyone involved.

Increased purchasing power

Poooling points together with Jetblue can have a great impact on your ability to purchase flights and other products. By pooling, travelers are able to accumulate more points as one entity instead of individual accounts whereby they would only earn the minimal number of points that may not be enough to redeem for their desired service.

Owning an individual account often means splitting up accrued miles which usually amounts to little rewards when redeemed. However, combining earned points into one account increases the potential value upon redemption, providing greater flexibility in accessing different travel perks such as discounts on flights or hotel room rates offered by JetBlue.

“Pooling your airline rewards helps increase everyone’s buying power”

In addition, having larger co-mingled balances also opens opportunities for group booking options where several bookings may be processed under one name using points accumulated from multiple individuals within the pool. This provides better chances at securing all passenger seats together while taking advantage of flight deals being offered at specific times since it is possible that pooled travelers will accumulate even more benefits from joint purchases than what could ever be achieved individually.

The cost for each traveler decreases significantly due to shared accommodation costs which inevitably lead to less expenses per person overall including airfare depending on how many members participated in the point-pooling scheme.

Conclusion: In summary, creating pools allows people who might never otherwise meet (except perhaps virtually) come together around a common goal – getting rewarded while benefiting others too! When you join forces with likeminded individuals through JetBlue’s point pooling program, you’ll quickly discover just how easy it is – everyone wins!

More opportunities for rewards

If you are a frequent traveler, then Jetblue’s TrueBlue loyalty program can immensely benefit you. Pooling your points together with family or friends is an excellent way to get closer to redeeming free flights and other exciting travel perks.

How To Pool Points Together Jetblue?

You can pool your True Blue points by creating a Family Pool account. A primary member can initiate the process of pooling their points while inviting up to six members as secondary ones who share in the arrangement. All it takes is logging into your online account > select “Family Pooling” from the left pane > click on “Create a Family Account”. Fill in all details requested, including adding names and email addresses of invited family or friend members whom you intend to integrate into your group. The invited people will need to register using their own account at Once they join, everyone shares earned award points in one collective bank where each individual has access.

Alice Banes says:
“Pooling our JetBlue reward miles has enabled my siblings and me to afford incredible vacations we otherwise could not have afforded.”

The best part about sharing pooled accounts comes when purchasing precious experiences tailored towards leisure trips such as cruises, vacation packages for two at premium hotels like Disneyworld resorts’ Villas or spending credit during onboard purchases after boarding ships that accommodate airline-sponsored tours costing hundreds if not thousands per week that include customized excursions around multiple destinations worldwide!

In addition, this option allows families much flexibility compared when booking awards individually because co-poolers have more available funds combined – resulting from saving costs enabling longer stays overseas expediting the chance eventually level-up degrees within programs potential benefits – pushing many travelers ahead quickly than expected! Ensure checking status regularly so no surprises lurk upon departing from great trips together.


If you want to redeem rewards faster, pooling Jetblue TrueBlue points is an excellent strategy. This ensures that everyone enjoys their hard-earned miles with family and friends at exciting destinations worldwide!

Flexibility in redeeming points

JetBlue has one of the most flexible loyalty programs with TrueBlue. It allows its members to pool points together, which is a great way for families or friends traveling together to earn rewards much faster.

The process of pooling JetBlue’s reward points is straightforward. In fact, it’s possible even if both parties are not related or live at different addresses.

To start, individuals must create a family account and designating up to seven people as their “family members.” Once done, family members can request creidt from other registered True Blue accounts into the common pool by providing an invitation code sent over email.

“Pooling means you’ll accumulate qualifying points faster than ever, ” says Jetblue. If several people join forces into one household account they could quickly consolidate all that’s earned throughout multiple bookings onto just one itinerary.”

“With so many ways to use your pooled Points – flights, hotels car rentals and more, “, says

A key feature of this program involves how easily customers may transfer these accumulated miles/points around amongst shared accounts online through JetBlue’s website or mobile app. Additionally, unlike some airlines who force travelers into cabins when using travel credits and airline vouchers—simply because cheap award seats were accessible—True Blue promises 100% availability whenever a customer wishes on every flight!

Overall, pooling points leads to access greater flexibility when booking tickets – especially with extended families going on vacation schedules–thanks largely due large sum point balances where each person saves drastically significant amounts of currency while reaching specific goals altogether within minutes!

Mistakes to avoid when pooling points

Pooling points is a great way to maximize your rewards and save money on travel expenses. When done correctly, it allows you to combine the loyalty points of multiple members towards one collective goal. However, there are several common mistakes that people make when pooling their points together.

“The biggest mistake people make while pooling their Jetblue points is not reading their airline’s policy about sharing or transferring reward miles.”

Not understanding the policies and rules set by airlines regarding point transfers can lead to more harm than good. You should always check if merging with others actually makes sense within these guidelines before jumping in headfirst.

“Another big mistake we see with our customers is not being clear on what they need from the pooled membership account specifically.”

You need to have a clear plan for how you’ll use those shared patches of frequent-flyer miles: What do you want? How much time are you willing to spend accessing these?” Be frank from day one, so all parties involved know precisely where they stand in terms of usage rights.

The following are some additional common errors that must be avoided:
  • Failing To Verify Membership Status: It’s critical that you verify whether everyone contributing has an active JetBlue membership number; otherwise, yo won’t even be able share credits.
  • Ignoring Expiration Dates: Miles usually come with expiration dates attached. Make sure you pool them into your consolidated allotment (if possible) in advance so as not forfeit any accumulated credit.
  • Paying unnecessary fees & taxes: If transferring bonus miles between accounts seems like too much work (or comes at an inconvenient cost), you might instead pay to float those points in a rewards-based online platform. However, platforms like these may have additional processing fees and taxes which can ultimately eat up whatever reward balance is being moved.
  • Assuming all involved members understand pool regulations: Each airline creates its own rules for transferring credit between member accounts; therefore that knowledge must be communicated across every end of the group to know if pooling benefits them in better ways than using solo memberships individually.

To successfully combine JetBlue TrueBlue loyalty points into one collective account, it’s critical to remain alert, mindful & attentive about their individual policies so that neither you nor anyone else comes out with less value – or worse – none at all!

Forgetting to assign a “leader”

One of the common mistakes people make while pooling their Jetblue points is forgetting to assign a “Leader”. The Leader is the one who will be responsible for consolidating all member’s points and redeeming them towards Jetblue’s rewards.

If you fail to appoint someone as Leader, it can lead to chaos and confusion in managing your pooled points. Each member may have different redemption preferences or ideas on how many members should benefit from the redeemed reward. This could result in disagreements and ultimately causing wasted time and effort.

To avoid this hassle, designate a Leader before starting with Pooling. The chosen leader takes charge of ensuring that everyone adheres to pre agreed guidelines established at the onset of the pool formation process.This includes deciding on which individual account codes would contribute to what reward scheme, setting dates when point contributions need to be completed by each participant so that upon receipt they are able to quickly confirm redemptions once deals become available as well as communicating all these updates clearly across all contributors through email notifications.Blind side communication between oneself often leads frustration among contributory individuals.It helps if transparency coupled with effective updates practices such mechanisms like shared cloud documents, effective mailing lists etc where every participating party picks up instructions without having personally follow any leaders initiative otherwise risking being left behind.

“Appointing a good leader is crucial when pooling points together”.

In case you forget assigning someone as Leader while creating group pooling, eventually there might emerge leadership anarchy.The consequences can range from misallocation, repeated transactions spreading over elongated periods ending up not qualifying for particular tier levels, your chances of getting discounted prices minimized.To circumvent losing any possible enterprise opportunity it becomes beneficial if few additional redundancies created.From Group Admins system perspective, it makes sense undertake provisions establish anything between 2 to maximum of 3 leaders.As the enterprise grow, there might arise as well opportunity get more senior experienced staff in engaging clients at deep end operations.In conclusion, don’t forget Leaders when pooling Jetblue reward points..It can save you from a lot of trouble.”

Not communicating effectively with your pool members

If you are part of a Jetblue point pool, communication is key to successfully pooling points together. Not communicating properly may result in misunderstandings and confusion among the group.

One common mistake that people make when participating in a point pool is not discussing their travel plans with other members. This lack of communication can lead to one member holding onto an excessive amount of points while others struggle to accumulate enough points for their own trips.

“We had multiple members who didn’t tell us when they were planning on taking vacations or flights.”

To solve this problem, it’s important to have an open discussion about everyone’s individual needs and travel schedules. By doing so, each member can plan ahead and determine how many points they need for their upcoming trips, which will facilitate an even distribution of accumulated points within the group over time.

In addition, miscommunication concerning deadlines can be another issue that arises from ineffective communication within the group. It’s essential that all members understand the factors involved such as reward availability, award redemption rates (which tend to fluctuate), blackout dates etc.. Make sure any agreements made as part as fulfilling obligations involve setting realistic timelines.

“If our pool team had discussed these finer details earlier we could’ve come up with more effective ways prioritizing urgent requests”

Maintaining clear lines of communication between all participants at every step prevents unanticipated delays affecting redeeming rewards collectively – helping save money and enjoy seamless trip experiences travelling via JetBlue.

Pooling with strangers – it’s not worth the risk!

If you’re looking to pool JetBlue points together, there are a few options available. One of these is pooling with strangers which seems like a good idea in theory but can be risky.

Firstly, when you pool your rewards points with people whom you do not know and trust, there are chances that they might take advantage of the situation. They could drain all the pooled miles or use them for their own personal pleasures without taking into account everyone else who has contributed.

“Never underestimate how effective human beings can be at rationalizing away unethical behavior.”

This quote highlights an important point – someone may think it’s justified to misuse your joint reward points regardless of tearing down any moral precedent because after all, why would pooling miles exist in case one individual doesn’t actually need them?

In addition to potential problems regarding usage of the rewards earned by pooling together JetBlue thanks towards open accounts readily accessible on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter making sure privacy probably won’t just apply to pictures showcasing last summer’s family vacation anymore!

“I used my friend’s JetBlue Rewards for booking a ticket and it was entirely hassle-free!”

Sure it worked out well for this person; however more often than not things could go wrong so better safe than sorry!

The solution:

If sharing is what exactly drew anyone toward utilizing pooled awards programs similar to Jet Blue but deciding against sharing under no circumstances works since participating by oneself wouldn’t earn sufficient incentives don’t worry- there’s still hope. Including friends or trusted family members is always preferred over total outsiders. This ensures trustworthy partners where splitting fair becomes guaranteed and fraudulent activities become less probable. Moreover, setting expectations and formal agreements can be helpful in order to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts down the road. This way everything remains transparent with no room for ambiguity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pool my Jetblue reward points with another member?

To start pooling your Jetblue rewards points, you will need to create a family account from the airline’s website or mobile app. Once you’ve created an account, add up to six members who are part of your household and share your residential address as proof of eligibility for Family Pooling program. Each pooled point is equal to one cent and any existing balances that were individually earned before joining the Pool get credited upon enrolling.

Are there any restrictions on the number of people I can pool rewards points with on Jetblue?

The maximum number of individuals allowed in a single family pool is six including the head-of-household member who initiated the creation process while clearly certifying their primary residential status or legitimacy thereof at respective time-windows availiable.This limitation helps ensure fairness because it caps payouts proportionally so that higher earners don’t dominate others in lesser positions which foster equity among sharing partners’ benefits

What is the process for pooling Jetblue reward points with another member?

In following these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way towards enjoying all those hard-earned miles: First navigate over to jet right alongside other top-rated airlines online with a little research beforehand. Then choose the head-of-household, which is generally going to be yourself unless someone else in your family pool has joined already.Then follow all subsequent steps until completed and enjoy perks like jointly accumulating more points than any one individual might otherwise achieve!

Is there a fee for pooling Jetblue reward points with another member?

No fees are involved when setting up or participating in Family Pooling at jetBlue

Can I pool Jetblue reward points with someone who doesn’t have a Jetblue account?

JETBLUE does not currently offer this feature, since each True Blue membership requires an email address unique identifier attached directly thereto but individuals can easily enroll promptly through partner programs such as car rentals, hotel stays etc.or link different loyalty accounts across ecommerce partners plus others offered by air carrier affiliated firms while awaiting further updates from them concerning future directions being considered administratively about integrating non-members into rewards pools schemes if possible according existing laws regulating proprietary interests.

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