How To Remove Water Behind Pool Liner? [Facts!]

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You’ve just bought that brand new pool, and now you’re faced with the task of removing the water behind the pool liner. You’ll need to use your hands or a tool to get the water out. While there are several methods to remove the water behind the pool liner, none of them are easy. In this article, we will teach you the most popular and effective methods to remove water behind the pool liner. So, let’s get started.

Dump The Pool

One of the most popular ways to remove water behind the pool liner is to simply drain the entire pool. You’ll need to hire a professional pool service to come and drain the pool for you. Your biggest concern with this option is having enough time to relax with your children in the pool before it gets too cold. If you have a smaller pool, you can also partially drain it and enjoy the feeling of fresh air while your children play in the water. Remember, the water has to be completely drained before you can use the pool again. Also, make sure that all the household pets are secure in their houses during the drainage process. They’ll be scared by the loud noises and commotion, so make sure they feel safe and comfortable away from home.

Pump And Drying The Pool

Another popular method of removing water behind the pool liner is to pump it out with a pool pump. This method is best for large pools that you want to cleanse fast, or if you live in a region with particularly harsh winters. You can use a pool pump even if the water in your pool is only a few inches deep because the suction caused by the rapidly spinning impeller will remove the water even if it’s only a few inches deep. With a pump and some time, you can easily remove all the water from the pool. Drying the pool is essential after you’ve pumped it, otherwise, you’ll end up with wet pool floors that will ruin the smooth surface of the pool. It’s also important to spot dry any areas near the pool wall, especially if you’ve installed a waterfall feature near the pool’s edge. A dry area near the pool wall will create an environment where mold and mildew can grow, so be sure to clean it thoroughly after you’ve pumped the pool.

Lift The Pool Out

This method is commonly used by mechanics and carpenters who need to get the space underneath their vehicles or buildings. In order to remove water behind the pool liner, you’ll need a jack, a block and tackle, and a winch. The jack is placed under the vehicle or building’s bumper and then the block and tackle are connected to the winch. The winch is then threaded through a hole in the top of the pool and then down through the water until it reaches the ground. Then, you can simply pull the pool out while it’s lifted up. This process is usually quite mechanical, so if this is your first time removing water behind the pool liner, take your time and be patient. You can also ask for help from your local pool service to make the process easier and less stressful.

Scrounge In The Ceiling For Pipes

If you’ve tried the previous methods and realized that there’s still water under the pool’s liner, then it’s time to climb into the ceiling and find some pipes. While some people consider this method to be illegal, you can easily get a warrant to search your home if you’ve tried all the other options and there’s still water under the pool’s liners. This method can save you a great deal of time and effort, so if it’s available, you should absolutely consider doing it. Scrounge in the ceiling for pipes is usually the most effective method for removing water behind the pool liner. However, it’s dangerous, and it’s illegal in a few states. Make sure you’re aware of the legalities before you try this method.

Get A Fishing Net Tailed

If you’ve tried the previous methods and realized that there’s still water under the pool’s liner, then it’s time to get a fishing net. Simply tie one end of the fishing net to a secure location, such as a tree, a post, or the like, and then start swimming in a circle around the pool while checking for fish. As you get closer to the ground, you’ll start seeing fish, and when you reach the surface, you’ll certainly catch some. This method is a great way to bring in some extra cash while also spending time with your family. Cleaning fish as you catch them is an essential part of the process, otherwise, you’ll have an abundance of dead fish rotting at the bottom of your pool. The odor is absolutely horrible, and it’ll ruin your pool’s reputation. Make sure you clean and discard of the dead fish as soon as possible after cleaning the pool.

Blow Up The Liner

This method is similar to lifting the pool out and is usually achieved by using a gas grenade. You’ll need to get this item from a sporting goods store, and it should be stored in a safe and accessible location next to your pool. When you’re ready to use it, simply pull the pin and throw the grenade into the water. The explosion will destroy any organic material that’s in the pool, killing all the fish and other animals in the area. While this is an extremely dangerous and ill-advised method, it’s also one of the most effective ways to remove water behind the pool liner. Be careful not to stand too near to the pool when you throw the grenade, and make sure that everyone in the area is at least 10 feet away from the blast radius. Otherwise, you’ll risk serious injury or even death. Cleaning the pool after you’ve used this method is essential, as is drying it thoroughly and using anti-microbial cleanser to ensure that no mold or bacteria grows in the water during the drying process. This method is usually only used in deep water pools that are prone to algae growth, and it’s quite effective at preventing algae from growing in the water.

Drown The Pool

You’ll need a container, a couple of towels, and a plastic bag. Fill the container with water and place it near the pool’s edge. Soak two or three towels in the water and then place them near the pool’s edge. Lay the plastic bag on the ground near the pool’s edge, and then put the towels on top of the bag. Now, just lie down on the edge of the pool with your head near the water and wait for the towels to soak up the water. After about 10 minutes, you’ll feel sleepy, so you can either take a snooze or go for a swim. This method is absolutely risk free, as long as you’ve followed all the proper directions, and it’s almost as quick and easy as dumping the pool. However, if you’ve tried all the other options, this might be your last resort. After all, what are your choices now? You’ll either have to live with the water or try out the next method.

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