How To Remove Water From A Pool Cover You Tube? [Ultimate Guide!]

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You’ve just bought that brand-new pool cover, and now all you want to do is enjoy your pool but without worrying about wet floors and walls. Of course, the first instinct when you encounter any problem is to look online for a solution – especially when it comes to your precious pool. Maybe you’ve seen some YouTube videos where people show you the best ways to remove water from a pool cover. Well, here’s one way to do it, but before you start removing the water with ease, remember this: mechanical pools are a lot more complicated than ordinary ones. If you’re not prepared for the extra work, you might cause more harm than good. That’s why experienced technicians should really be the ones cleaning your pool. But for now, here’s how to remove water from a pool cover you bought online.

Firstly, Thoroughly Dry All Surfaces

Before you start any repair work, make sure your pool is completely dry. You can use your pool’s internal pump to circulate the water. Alternatively, you can lay out a large umbrella over the pool and wait for the sun to do its job. Once all surfaces are dry, make sure you wipe them down with a clean cloth to remove any excess water. You don’t want bacteria to take hold in your pool, and you especially don’t want it anywhere near the filter, which is why it’s essential to clean it regularly.

Secondly, Disassemble The Unit And Wipe It All Down

After you’ve dried everything and stored the equipment somewhere safe, it’s time to take out the unit and clean it. To do this, follow the instructions that came with it. These will help you remove the cover’s screws and panels, so you can get to the area behind the fabric where the water is collecting. Once there, you’ll need to wipe down the whole unit with a clean cloth or dry foam. Make sure you don’t miss any nooks and crannies, as any dirt or moisture here could cause serious problems for your pool.

Thirdly, Replace The Materials You Removed

If you’ve disassembled the unit, you’ll need to replace all the materials you removed. This includes the screws, the panels, and the water-repellent (DEW) coating. If you’ve changed the pool’s pump since buying the cover, you’ll also need to replace the electrical connector and the power cord. The materials you removed must be stored for the next time you need to use them, so make sure you take care of this too.

Lastly, Test The Pool For Leaks

Once you’ve replaced all the materials, it’s time to test the pool for leaks. Start by turning on the pump and standing back. If you see any water coming out from behind the walls or the floor, there’s a leak somewhere. You’ll need to find it and fix it immediately. If the leak is isolated to one area, you can stop there and call it a day. But if it’s coming from several places, then there’s a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

While there are many benefits to owning a pool, there are also a lot of complexities that come with it. If you’re concerned about the safety of your pool and the effectiveness of your pool cover, then it’s best to leave the task to the professionals. With a little bit of preparation, research, and caution, you’ll be able to enjoy your pool without worry.

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