How To Repair Rusted Swimming Pool Walls? [Facts!]

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You have bought that brand new swimming pool and are so excited to be able to use it. Unfortunately, once you get into the pool you notice that the water is incredibly stinky and foul-smelling. The smell is so bad that it makes you sick and you can’t enjoy your swim any more. You call the pool maintenance service, who tell you it’s because of the rust on the walls from the previous owner. You ask them how much it will cost to fix and they tell you that it could be hundreds of dollars. You are devastated and decide that it’s not worth it. You tell the pool company you purchased the pool from that you are not going to use it because the water smells bad. The company agrees that the water smells terrible and tells you that they are sorry but the pool must remain off limits to everyone.

What if I told you that there was a way to fix the smell without having to dismantle the pool and put it back together again? Would you believe me?

Well, there is a way! The solution is pretty simple, yet highly effective. All you need to do is disinfect the pool and the water treatment system. After that, you must apply a regular cleaning product to the inside of the pool walls and the deck area around it. Followed by a skim coat and finally a sealant.

What’s more is that while all this is going on, you are letting your kids and others around the pool continue to use it. Yes, that’s right! You are giving them the benefit of the doubt, but you are also doing your bit to protect them from getting sick. Disinfecting the pool and water treatment system is essential in order to do that. It doesn’t hurt to disinfect the pool once a month as well, to be on the safe side.

Why Is The Pool Smelling Bad?

Even if your pool seems clean to the naked eye, it can still be harboring all kinds of parasites and bacteria. The water quality is easily deteriorates with time because there’s no constant flow of fresh water in it. Also, swimmers with skin infections or parasites can spread their infections into the water when they go for a swim. The worst part is that when you get into the water, the stench that emanates from your skin can’t be hidden. Even if you use deodorizers and perfumes, the smell will always be there. It is impossible to get rid of. The main reason why the smell is so bad is because the previous owner did not properly maintain it. They must have either neglected it or given it a disrespectful touch.

What should you do when you notice the pool stinking? First, you must isolate it from the rest of the pool area. If there’s a garden surrounding the pool, then you should cover it with a waterproof cover. This will prevent any mosquitoes or other insects from laying eggs in or around the pool. After that, you must call in the professionals. You cannot clean the pool yourself because even though the water may look clean, all it takes is one slip to get sick.

What’s So Special About These Steps?

If you try out these steps, you will find that they are rather special because they effectively kill all the germs and parasites that are in and around the pool. Even if you keep swimming after trying them, you cannot contract any infections from the pool. The solution to your problem is right in your backyard! All you need is a little bit of common sense and the willingness to put in the necessary time and effort to make sure that your pool is always clean and safe for recreational use. So go ahead and try these tips out, and see for yourself how easy and pleasant swimming can be again!

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