How To Replace Pool Light With Water? [Answered!]

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Just as people have a growing appreciation for outdoor spaces, so too does the market for outdoor/pool illumination. The combination of the two is a winning formula as you can now enjoy the outdoors while relaxing with the soothing glow of numerous pool lights. When it comes to replacing these lights with something more eco-friendly, there are a number of options to choose from. If you need some inspiration, read on as we discuss how to replace pool light with water.

The Growing Appeal Of Outdoor/Pool Illumination

As we’ve established, the appeal of outdoor/pool illumination is pretty much universal. It’s no wonder why, as not only is it relaxing and beautiful, but it allows you to incorporate nature into your living space. For those seeking a more eco-friendly option, the use of solar-powered lighting is increasingly popular. Not only are they kind to the environment as they don’t need charging, but they allow you to enjoy the outdoors even in the dark. Check out the Pure Sol Smart Pool Light if you’d like to try out solar-powered illumination and the appeal of the outdoor/pool environment.

An Outdoor/Pool Deck Is The Perfect Place To Enjoy The Serenity Of Being By The Water

An outdoor/pool deck is the ideal place to enjoy the serenity of being by the water. As well as providing you with a place to relax and socialize with friends and family, an outdoor/pool deck offers a range of possibilities for activities. You can enjoy a challenging game of ping pong, shoot some hoops, or just kick back and relax. Whatever you choose, the water is always there to provide. However, if you’d like to give your pool/deck area a bit more character, you can use some of the suggested accents mentioned below to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Choose A Timeless Design

If you’d like your pool/deck area to have a timeless design, you can’t go wrong with classic white decking with teal or blue accents. Not only will you be guaranteed to keep it looking fresh for years to come, but it also has a harmonious relationship with the water. Not many design choices are as elegant as this one! If you’d like to further refine the look, you can apply for a variance from the municipality in regard to the height of the pickets on the deck. In general, the smaller the number, the higher the appeal. It’s all about pleasing the eye.

Consider How You Will Use The Area

No doubt, the key to making any space look good is by using it effectively. If you want a pool/deck area that you will use frequently, you should consider how you will use it. For instance, if you need the space for jogging or morning exercise, you might want to install a set of exercise equipment. However, if you prefer to use the space for relaxing or entertaining, a table with seating for up to four is great. Another important factor to take into consideration is the position of the sun. If you want a relaxed atmosphere during the day, you don’t want to place the sunbed so that it gets too much light from behind. Instead, you can position it so that the morning sun provides a nice highlight on the pool surface during the day. This will result in you enjoying the space more during the day when the sun is shining!

Add Some Vibe Via Vivid Pots

Outdoor/pool illumination can be improved further via the use of plants and flowers. For starters, you can plant some shrubs and large flowers such as sunflowers or marigolds to give the area a more natural appearance. You can also use small plants and flowers such as zinnias or calendulas to provide some color and life to the space. Not only will they make it look more inviting, but they also provide you with some vitamin-rich food if you’re growing your own! Another great option is to add some tropical plants such as philodendrons to the mix. Not only will they make the area look more relaxing and inviting, but they will also bring with them a touch of the faraway tropics!

Give It A Touch Of Wilderness Via Stone Fountains And Natural Woodland Scenery

An outdoor/pool deck that has a touch of the wild about it is definitely an appealing option to those seeking a more natural look. For this reason, you can use large rocks or natural wood pieces to enhance the landscape. You can also use flower pots to accentuate the area and give it a bit more color! Some great choices for this are Cape Cod or Rockingham rocks, as well as Dunnock, Blue Hues, or Glossy Melons wood. If you’re lucky enough to have a real forest area near your home, consider planting some ferns and foliage to give the pool area a more natural appearance.

No matter what the style, shape, or size of your pool/deck area may be, it’s always a good idea to have some idea of how you will use it before you start placing plants or furniture around it. This will help you determine the right choice of accessories, colors, and furniture to make it usable and comfortable. When planning your outdoor space, always take into consideration the location, shape, and size of the area as well as how you will use it. No matter what your style and colors are, there is an outdoor/pool illumination option that will suit you perfectly!

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