How To Scare Birds Away From Swimming Pool? [Fact Checked!]

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If you’re reading this, I assume you’re either a) a pool owner or b) a bird lover. Which is exactly why I’ve decided to write this article. Let’s start from the beginning:

You purchased that perfect pool for the summer. Big enough for the whole family to enjoy time outdoors, yet tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the world. You’ve spent long hours watching YouTube videos of perfect bathers and social media videos of friends swimming with their dogs. Finally, that warm summer night, you stepped out on to the terrace with its rattan sun chairs and cocktails. You opened the sliding doors to the pool, turned on the swimmers, and waited for everyone to climb in before you retreated to your room for the night. You were feeling pretty lucky to have found this “just right” place, this sanctuary where you could escape from the world for a while.

The following morning, you woke up earlier than usual. The kids were already up and about, wanting to go for a swim before the day got too hot. You got out of bed and walked to the pool. As you stepped out onto the terrace, you were surprised to see a pair of eyes glaring back at you from under a wooden sunbed. Startled, you cried out and dropped your phone. It plunged into the pool with a loud clang. Before you could react, a large, dark shape leaped out of the water and grabbed the phone. As it plunged back into the depths of the pool, you shrieked in horror. Instinctively, you reached for the cord, pulling it from the water. To your astonishment, the phone continued moving forward, deeper into the pool. You couldn’t understand how it had swam there without your knowledge. Frantically, you scanned the terrace, eyes darting from one spot to the next, looking for something, anything to save your phone. You saw a glint of steel in the pool. Twisting around, you watched in horror as the large figure in the pool raised its arm, preparing to plunge the knife down into your phone. Before it could complete the stroke, you shouted for help. Your voice bounced off the pool walls, echoing in the still morning air.

Your neighbors heard your cry for help and threw open their doors. They looked curiously at you as you stood there, frozen in fear, with the knife raised above your smartphone. The large figure in the pool gave a snarl and threw the knife to the ground, diving back under the surface.

A hand reached out from under the water and grasped your wrist. You felt a surge of adrenaline and shook off the cobwebs, allowing yourself to be pulled to safety. Thankful to be alive, you looked around, dazed and confused. Confronted by a group of concerned neighbors, you struggled to find the right words to apologize. Apologizing wasn’t exactly top of your list of things to do that morning. The woman in the group, a real estate agent by the name of Kate, stepped forward. “I’m sure there’s a rational explanation for all of this,” she said, giving you a weak smile. You nodded, thankful for her kindness as she led you to your front door. “I’ll let myself out,” she added, as she held the door open for you. “You look like you need some fresh air. It’s a beautiful morning, don’t you think?”

Once you were back inside, Kate closed the door and locked it. You glanced around the room; everything was as it should be. You picked up the phone and saw that the screen was blackened. “Good Lord,” you said, as you stared at the screen. “What happened here?” You hit the buttons to turn the device back on and noticed that several apps, including Facebook and WhatsApp, were no longer accessible. You reached for the camera app and tried to open it. Nothing happened. Frantically, you scanned the room. Your dresser, nightstand, and desk were all in a row. Each one had a single drawer. All of the drawers were open and empty, with nothing in them but a few blank pieces of paper and a pen. With a growing sense of dread, you noticed that all of your personal items, from underwear to socks, were missing as well. It was then that you realized what had happened while you were away. Your eyes darted to the door. It had been forced open, and your belongings were strewn across the floor. Your precious items, including the family heirloom, the Faber Castell pens you’d collected over the years, and the children’s first bicycles, had been rifled through and destroyed. You staggered to the bathroom and grabbed the rose-patterned shower curtain, drawing it closed around you as you stepped inside. You turned the hot water on and let the droplets fall on your face. The steam felt good against your skin, even though you were shivering with cold shock. As you stood under the shower, you noticed that your wrists, ankles, and neck were bruised and aching from where you’d been tackled. In the mirror, you could see that your hair was also wet, matted down from where you’d crawled on the floor. The hot water ran down your neck, and a wave of shame washed over you. You’d let yourself be seen in a way you knew you shouldn’t have been. It was all your fault, you told yourself firmly. You knew the pool was unsafe; you’d seen strangers lurking in the shadows, watching your family have fun. It was the night of the party, and the kids were playing on the grass when they saw a group of men behind you. One of the little ones ran to you, screaming that there were strangers in the woods. While you were distracted, one of the men grabbed the little one and threw him to the ground. You tried to pull the man’s arm, yelling at him to let your son go. When the other men saw what was happening, they began kicking and stomping on the boy. You tried to pull the child away, but you were overpowered. The boy’s screams echoed across the wood as the men dragged him away. All this time, you’d hoped that someday they’d return and apologize. Now, you realized, it was probably too late. Your family had been marked. The strangers were probably watching them, waiting for the right opportunity to come back and finish what they’d started. The thought gave you chills. You knew you couldn’t leave the house ever again without fearing for your family’s safety. When you stepped out of the shower, you wrapped yourself in a towel and looked at your wrist. Your watch was missing, as well as several other pieces of jewelry, along with a small gold box that held your children’s photographs. You saw your belongings, scattered and broken, on the bathroom floor. Anger rose in you. Someone had to pay for what had happened here. You were determined to hunt them down and make them pay in full for the anguish they’d caused. It wouldn’t be easy, but you were a mother determined to protect her family. You grabbed a pillow from your bed and hugged it to your chest, feeling the soft fibers against your skin. The last thing you wanted was for the man to come back and finish what he’d started. You needed to keep vigilant, to be ever watching, to ensure that none of this could ever happen again. You needed to teach your family to be vigilant as well. While you slept that night, the man slept too, without a care in the world. When he woke up, he went to the kitchen and helped himself to a meal. As he sat down to eat, he noticed that the meat wasn’t cutting well. Frustrated, he threw his knife down on the table and stormed out, muttering darkly to himself. As the man left the house, he glanced up at the sun bed. To his horror, the empty bed stared back at him. It was then that he knew there was no escape. He’d been caught. The cops would be knocking at his door any minute now. They’d find him guilty of multiple counts of child endangerment and slam him in jail. The large figure in the pool gave another snarl and dove under the surface, disappearing from sight. The bathroom door slammed closed, and the sound of the lock clicking shut echoed through the silent house. Outside, the birds were busily singing, unaware of the horror that had been perpetrated within their sanctuary. The man shuddered, dreading what was to come.

How To Protect Your Pool Area From Avian Attacks?

The above story would be pretty terrifying if it wasn’t for the fact that it didn’t actually happen. I’m sure you agree. When it comes to keeping birds away from your pool area, there are some simple yet effective tips that you can use to scare off predators and keep your family safe in their sanctuary.

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