How To Stop Water Pooling On Lawn? [Answered!]

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Most people can enjoy a sparkling pool of water, relaxing in the summertime on a sunny day with a shady tree providing perfect weather-neutral living conditions. But for some, the idea of having a pool still feels a little bit too daunting, perhaps because of the constant fear of water damage.

Whether you live in a region where rain is common or you just want your pool to be a reflection of your personal style, there are ways to make it work for you. To help you achieve your perfect pool vision, we have put together some top tips on how to stop water pooling on your lawn and how to fix it if it does happen. We will discuss solutions for both small and large scale pools alike, so hopefully this article will help you to find the one that will work best for you. Let’s get started.

Know The Signs Of Wet Weather

As the name would suggest, rainwater swimming pools are especially at risk of damage from wet weather conditions, so it is essential that you prepare yourself for the possibility of floods. However, even in relatively dry climates, there is still a chance that your pool could suffer from mildew or algae growth if it is not properly screened or located in a particularly damp spot on the property. If you have recently experienced wet weather conditions whether it be heavy downpours or persistent drizzle, it is vital that you take the time to assess the risk of this happening to your pool. This can be done by either renting a pump or calling in an expert to inspect the condition of your pool and let you know what can be done to prevent further damage.

Hire A Specialist

One way of preventing water damage to your pool is to hire a specialist to take care of it for you. In most cases, this will be someone who is experienced in dealing with pools, so they can assess the condition of your current setup and suggest alternatives for improving the quality of your swim. If you want to improve the value of your estate, having a swimming pool is a great way of doing so. With many people these days wanting a fresh pool environment, the cost of pool care is likely to go down, providing you with better value for money.

Protect Against The Overtop

If the roof of your pool is made of plastic or metal, this is an obvious place for water to collect. Especially in regions where it rains a lot, overtops can become quickly and dangerously swollen, as the water they contain is unable to drain away. To prevent this from happening, you need to make sure your pool is drained regularly, and even then, only the tiniest amount of water should remain. This is especially important if you live in a region where heavy downpours are a common occurrence and you want your swim to be relatively dry.


For those concerned about the environment, it is important that their pool is eco-friendly. This can be achieved by choosing materials for the construction of the pool that are either biodegradable or recyclable, as well as opting for energy-efficient pool equipment and lightbulbs. Not only is this good for the environment, but it will also help to reduce your energy bills.

A Bit Of A Theme Park Feel

If you love theme parks, you can bring that atmosphere to your pool with the help of a few accessories and some plants. For instance, you can paint the walls of your pool a vibrant yellow, green or blue, and use plants that are either large or shaped like cartoons characters (such as the Matterhorn or the Eiffel Tower) to add some character to the overall look. You can also group together bamboo, plum or cherry trees to create a grove that provides not only some beautiful colors, but also serves a practical purpose, as you can eat the fruit that drops from them.

A Play Area For Kids

Another great way to improve the quality of your pool experience is to add a play area for the kids. Many homeowners opt for decks that are raised above the level of the pool, providing them with an area where they can climb and play while being safely out of the water. If you want to give your children the best possible swimming experience, this is an ideal place for them to do so. Kids love being near water, and having a play space where they can splash and swim around is a great way of engaging them in activities that will benefit both you and them.

A Place To Cool Off

For the summer, you can also create a spot by the pool where you and your family and friends can cool off on warm days. One way of doing this is by building an outdoor shower so you can wash off after relaxing in the pool. Another great way is by creating an outdoor space for people to congregate in comfort. Whether it is an area in the shade or under a tree, the location of this space is not as important as the feeling that it gives you. You can also hire an artist or designer to help you come up with some fun, quirky logos or murals to help bring life to your pool space.

Get Some Sound

For those seeking relaxation, music is a great way of creating a soothing atmosphere. This could be in the form of classical music, or perhaps a soundtrack for a film that you have seen many times before. If you have a large enough pool, you can also use the speakers that are located at the bottom to play music throughout the entire area. This is also a great way of making use of your pool space during the day when the sun is beaming down, filling the area with natural light. You can also use the speakers to broadcast radio stations or live music events, providing you with quality sounds that you can swim to.

An Outdoor/Indoor Pool

If you have the space, you can also create an outdoor/indoor pool. This not only provides you with the benefit of having an area where you can swim even in bad weather conditions, but it can also be used whenever the weather is suitable. For those seeking relaxation, being able to go inside and out as required is ideal, providing them with the convenience of having a pool available wherever they might desire. This can also free up space indoors, which could be used for other activities.

An Outdoor/Indoor Pool With Sunlight

If you live in a region where the weather is always suitable for swimming, you can also create an outdoor/indoor pool with sunlight. This can be done either by installing rooflights or by using outdoor lighting such as fairy lights or outdoor candles. Not only will this provide you with more light, but it will also add a touch of magic to any pool space. To bring the perfect pool feel that you desire, it is important that these elements are used tastefully and not in a way that is too chaotic or busy. Too many outdoor elements and you will end up with an area that is more of a jungle than a pool space. Keep everything simple but attractive, and you will be well on your way to creating the perfect oasis.

Make The Most Of What You Have

If you already have a pool, the first thing you should do is make the most of it. With some planning and the use of what you have, you can still improve the overall look and feel of your pool and have fun while doing so. For example, if you do not have a lot of room for a playground area, you can create one by using beach towels and sand Castles.

Fully Equip It

Even if you have created the perfect oasis in your backyard with all of the above suggestions, it is still essential that you fully equip it. This means taking the time to add additional touches, such as tropical plants and small waterfalls, to give it that final, perfect touch. It is also important to secure all areas of the pool where small children could climb or become trapped in the drain, as well as putting protective measures in place around the edges to prevent slips and falls in wet weather conditions.

Having a swimming pool outside is a great way of bringing joy to your yard, adding value to your property and providing you with a place where you can swim in comfort. By taking the time to plan and utilize what you have, you can ensure that your pool is perfect for your needs. Creating an outdoor shower or an outdoor area for relaxation is a great way of ending your day and unwinding after a hard day at work. Not only will this give you a cool drink after your workout, but it will also provide you with a quiet place to relax and unwind.

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