How To Syphon Water From An Inground Pool? [Updated!]

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If you have an inground pool, you know how important it can be to have a way to harvest water for hydration and cleaning purposes. Even though you may live in a desert or somewhere very dry, having access to clean and fresh water is essential for life. In some places in the world, getting water directly from springs or lakes is a common practice. For those who live in areas where rain is scarce, collecting water using a water syphon is a viable option.

A water syphon is essentially a long straw that you connect to a vessel filled with water. When you pull the trigger, water will rush into the vessel and you can easily capture it using one of the many available water containers. If you need more water, you simply repeat the process. If you want to use a water syphon as part of your outdoor cooking experience, you can get specially designed barbeques that are ideal for this purpose.

Select The Right Spot

Since you are probably considering this addition to your outdoor space anyway, you should take the time to find an ideal location for it. Ideally, you want to find a spot that is near the house but not directly in front of it. This way, you can get the benefits of fresh air while still having the privacy you want. You can also opt to site the pool in the back yard or on a deck area that is shielded from harsh sun rays and weather conditions. Remember: whatever spot you choose, make sure that it is easily accessible and close to your water source.

Build A Sturdy Foundation

To ensure that your pool stays upright and stable, you need to build a sturdy foundation. This means that you need to do one of two things: either choose a spot that has already been pre-disposed to being a pool spot or build an area that is specifically designed to hold a pool. The first method is often simpler and more convenient as you do not have to worry about the second option.

Get The Right Equipment

As you already have an idea of where you will site the pool, you can start thinking about the necessary equipment. Depending on how large an area you have, you will need a ladder or stairs to get wet. For larger pools, you will need a ladder and a diving board. When selecting these accessories, make sure that they are the correct height for comfortably sitting in the water. If possible, get the dual use items so that you can get both sitting in and out of the water easily. In addition to these basic items, you will want to get a hose that is long enough to allow you to reach all parts of the pool without having to bend over. When buying a drinking fountain for an outdoor space, look for one that already has an integrated spout so that you can easily connect it to a garden hose. If you buy one that is separate from the fountain, you will need to assemble it yourself which can be a pain especially in the rain. Another option is to get a rainwater tank which, as the name suggests, collects and stores rainwater. These are more common in areas where the weather is wet and therefore your water source is abundant. They also ensure that you do not run out of water when there is no more rain. When deciding how much pressure you will need, consider the size of your pool and how far it is from the house. The closer the spot is to the house, the less pressure you will need because the water will be closer to home and therefore easier to access.

Connect The Hose

To easily connect the hose to your water source, you will need a proper fitting piece that can be quickly and easily attached to the end of the hose. Once you have found this item, you can connect the hose to the spout of the drinking fountain or to the tank. Make sure when choosing this fitting that it is compatible with the material of your hose and that it allows you to tighten and loosen the connection as needed. Some hoses come with clips that can be attached to your belt loop to ensure that you do not lose the connection in the water. This will also prevent the hose from getting tangled when moving around. Hoses will also need to be replaced often especially if it is of a larger diameter. This is why it is important to buy a cap that fits tightly in order to avoid spills and leaks. If you already have a shower, you can also connect the hose to it so that you can easily wash off after relaxing in the pool. If the space is not close to your house, you may also want to consider installing a shower cabinet so that you can use the space more effectively while still keeping a clean pool.

Install Safety Guards

To prevent accidents, you will need to install safety guards on the edge of the pool. These can be done using either a ladder or by taking the more convenient and safer route from the deck. Make sure to protect areas near the shallow end of the pool from accidents involving small children or pets. You can buy pre-installed safety guards for pools or you can install them yourself using hardware that is included with the pool kit. When choosing this option, you will need to decide how many feet you want the guards to be from the edge of the pool since they will need to be in the correct position to properly regulate the flow of water. If you want them to be closer to the house for aesthetic purposes, you can choose shorter guards so that they do not block the view of the water when relaxing outside.

Consider How You Will Use The Area

When choosing an outdoor space for your home, make sure to consider how you will use it. Do you need a pond for fishing or relaxation? Or would a jacuzzi be more suitable for your needs? There are numerous options that can be customized to meet your requirements. While the above suggestions may seem obvious, you will need to set aside the time to find out what works best for your home and your lifestyle.

With a little planning, research, and preparation, you will be able to enjoy a clean pool and comfortable surroundings. Make sure to take your time so that you do not rush the process and end up with something that was not intended. Thinking about getting a pool for yourself or your home? Find out how to syphon water from an inground pool with these helpful tips!

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