How To Treat Intex 10 Pool Water? [Updated!]

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The water in your pool can be both beneficial and harmful to your pool owner’s health. Harmful bacteria and algae can grow in the water if not treated properly. Fortunately, you can use simple methods to treat your pool water and maintain its purity. In this article, we will discuss the various ways in which you can treat this most important aspect of your pool environment.

Purchase A Filtration System

If you want to keep your pool water clean, you should look into purchasing a filtration system. These filter systems can remove almost all of the bacteria and algae from the water. In addition, they can improve the taste of your pool water. While some people may still prefer to use chemical cleaners, many modern-day filtration systems are more effective than any chemical could ever be. In addition to filtering out bacteria and algae, many filtration systems also remove small particles such as paint, dirt, and dust from the water. This makes them great for use in households with children or animals.

If you choose to go this route, it’s important to keep the following things in mind.

The Main Filter

The main filter is the part of the filtration system that sits above the pump. It is through this filter that all of the dirty water is removed before it enters the pool. Some filters are effective at removing bacteria and algae while some others are meant for use in households with fish or pets. If you are looking for an economical yet effective solution for treating your pool water, then the main filter is the best choice for you.

The Pump And The Drain Line

The pump is the component of your pool which helps move the water from one place to another. In some cases, the pump can also be used to divert the flow of the water in your pool. In terms of where the water flows once the pump is attached, there are three main options. The first is via a vertical tube which empties directly into a drain at the bottom of the pool. The second option is via a vertical pipe with an attached swivel ball which connects to a vertical pipe connected to the skimmer basket. The third and final option is via a horizontal pipe which drains into a vertical pipe at the lowest point of the pool.

Regardless of which type of pump you end up choosing, it’s important to remember that the drain line must lead to a location outside of the property or it will cause flooding. In addition to the location in which the drain line empties, there are also several other factors which can affect how effectively it drains water from your pool.

The Skimmer Basket

The skimmer basket is the component of your pool which sits directly above the pump. It is through this component that most people enjoy their pool experience. It acts as a reservoir which collects water while also allowing you to see fish swim by. When you are using a skimmer basket, it’s important to keep the following things in mind.

The Height Of The Water

The height of the water is a factor which determines how much room you have for fishing or how much space the water takes up in your pool. If you have a small pool, then raising the height might be the best option for you. In such cases, you can use either a ladder or a diving board to reach the water. Otherwise, you can choose an overhead pump which allows you to pull the water to whatever height you want.

The Shape Of The Pool

When it comes to shape, there are several options which you can choose from. The first and probably most obvious shape is a rectangle. If you have a rectangular pool, then you will need to choose either a square or a vertical end-wall to have any sort of aesthetic appeal. When it comes to effectively using your pool space, a rectangular shape might be the best option for you.

Consider The Location Of The Pool

In addition to the size of the pool, it’s also important to remember where you have placed it in relation to the house. If you have a small backyard pool, then it might be best to keep it out of sight so as not to block any useful space. In such cases, you can choose an overhead pump to achieve the desired effect.

Above All, Be Safe

Last but not least, let’s not forget about safety. It is through this aspect that all of the components we discussed in the previous sections play a crucial role in maintaining the safety of both you and your family. Some of the things which you might consider include but are not limited to:

  • Ladders
  • Diving Boards
  • Fishing Rods
  • Swimming Pool Toys
  • Food Stands And Coolers
  • Lawn Chairs And Blankets
  • Solar Panels (For Those In Hot Climates)
  • Beach Tents (For Those On The Beach)

Keeping your pool environment clean and healthy is key to having a happy and safe holiday. With summer fast approaching and temperatures rising, it’s time to consider how you are going to treat your pool water. Before we dive into the various methods, let’s discuss a few things first. Always make sure that your pool is clean before entering it. You should also test the water for chlorine, pH, and temperature before using it. If you have a freshwater source nearby, then it is the perfect place for you to swim but if not, then consider using a pool vacuum to suck up all of the leaves and other debris floating on the surface of the water.

Outsource Cleaning

If you are the type of person who feels that cleaning the pool is too much effort or if you just don’t have the time to do so, then you should consider outsourcing the task. There are companies which specialize in cleaning pools. With their help, you only need to take out the trash and give it a good scrubbing once a week. While it might be tempting to try and do this task yourself, remember that if you don’t have the time or if you feel like it’s not worth your while then it might not be the best idea.

One thing which must be considered is the size of your pool. In most cases, the bigger the pool, the harder it is to clean it. The more water there is to clean, the more likely it is that algae, fungus, and other nasty bacteria will grow and prosper. If you are looking into cleaning your pool yourself, then consider cleaning it every other day and only doing the main cleaning once a week. In the winter, you can also use chlorine tablets or a pool vacuum to clean the water since heat is not an issue then.

Use Cleaning Essie

Instead of using regular soap to clean your pool, consider using a cleaner specifically made for cleaning pools. These products come with a pleasant scent and leave a glossy finish on the water’s surface. You can also choose to use them weekly, twice a week, or once every other week to ensure that your pool stays clean all of the time.

To conclude this article, let’s discuss a few more items which might be worth keeping in mind when treating your pool water.

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