How To Use Pool Water In Emergency? [Expert Guide!]

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Are you waking up one morning and finding the pool just a little bit cooler than you would expect? It could be the result of a broken pool pump or a leak in the plumbing that is causing the water to evaporate quicker than you would expect. When this happens it is usually best to just turn off the valve that is connected to the pool and let it run dry. However, in some cases this might not be a viable solution and you will have no choice but to get some emergency help from the plumbing professionals. So how exactly do you use pool water in emergency? Let’s find out together.

Use A Properly Insulated Drums

One of the things that you will want to do is to make sure that the drums that you are using to transport the pool water are properly insulated. This will help keep the water cool as the temperatures outside are getting higher and higher. Sometimes the truck that you are using to transport the pool might not have the proper insulation and this could lead to serious overheating issues. So it is best to make sure that the drums are properly insulated before moving them around especially if the weather is iffy and you are not sure how hot it will get. Sometimes this can be difficult to do and it is always best to be safe than sorry and make sure that the water is not going to turn to steam due to excessive heat before continuing with your journey.

Put The Tank On The Back

Another thing that you can do to help make sure that the water remains cold is to put the tank that the water is in on the back of the truck. This will help keep the temperature lower if you are driving on a hot day and it also prevents any of the water that you are carrying from sloshing around too much which could cause some of it to boil away. So it is always best to have the tank on the back for maximum efficiency and minimal risk of damage from overheating.

Install Double Pane Windows

Installing double pane windows is also important for helping keep the pool water cool. These types of windows are made of thick glass that is designed to withstand strong winds and driving rains. They also feature an airtight seal which prevents the indoor air from becoming saturated with moisture. This, in turn, helps prevent any mold from growing inside your home which could be harmful to your health. Installing double pane windows can also help improve the insulation value of your home thereby reducing your energy bills. This, in turn, can help you save money in the long run.

Run Some Pipes Through The Terrace

If you have a terrace outside your home with a view of the pool it is a good idea to run some pipes through it so that you can easily drain the water in the pool whenever you want. This is especially important if you are planning to bring a swimming pool with you when you move into your new home and it is not yet connected to the municipal system. In this case you will need to remember to run the drain frequently so that it does not build up any debris which could clog the pipes if not removed regularly. Also, it is always best to shut off the valve at the end of each drain cycle so that the water does not continue to flow while you are still using the pool.

There are always a number of risks presented by a temporary swimming pool. However, with careful planning and monitoring of the environment the risks can be minimal. By taking the time to think of ways in which you can use the pool water in emergency situations you can ensure that your pool will continue to provide you with beautiful, refreshing relief all year long.

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