Is Drinking Pool Water Bad For Cats? [Ultimate Guide!]

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Most of us are now aware of the severe health problems that can be caused by drinking plain old tap water. Aside from potentially being contaminated with bacteria, the chlorine in our drinking water may be doing more harm than good. It is widely known that chlorine is extremely dangerous to cats. That is because chlorine has the ability to strip the protective coating off of their red blood cells. When this happens, the blood becomes more prone to clotting. This can lead to dangerous situations if a cat should ever experience a blood clot.

Nowadays, many animals and pets are being raised in very large groups. This has resulted in many of them becoming unacquainted with solitude, which is very dangerous for an animal, especially a feline. If you have a cat and are planning on taking them out for walks or allowing them to roam free, you should definitely consider switching to filtered water for their drinking needs.

Purifying Water For Your Cat’s Needs

The best way to ensure that your cat is protected from the negative effects of chlorine is to purify your pool water. You can use different methods to accomplish this, but the simplest one to start with is a water filter. You can also purchase a UV light bulb to further disinfect your pool water. A UV light bulb will emit light at a wavelength of between 280 and 320 nanometers. This is the part of the light spectrum that is readily absorbed by water. This means that the water molecules in your pool will be exposed to this light and will be able to absorb it. As a result, the water will become much more pure and free of most bacteria and other microorganisms.

Why Is Drinking Pool Water Bad For Your Cat?

Drinking pool water can be extremely harmful to your cat’s health, especially if the water is not chlorinated. When water is injected into the stomach of a cat, it enters the small intestine and then is gradually distributed throughout their entire body. While this is happening, the water passes through the liver and then on to the kidney. From there, the water is either eliminated through their urea cycle or stored in their body’s tissue, where it may cause cells to become mutated. Either way, the end result is the same – trouble.

When your cat drinks contaminated water, it begins experiencing symptoms such as listlessness, loss of appetite, and trouble sleeping. In addition, they may become dehydrated and experience diarrhea or constipation. If these symptoms persist, then it is time for you to switch to purified water for your cat’s sake.

What You Should Do About This

If you have a cat and are aware of the damage that drinking pool water can do, then it is time to put a stop to this hazardous activity. Purifying your pool water is the best way to ensure that your cat’s health is protected, and you should do your best to ensure that this happens. When choosing a filter for your pool, make sure that you purchase one that is labeled ‘PET friendly’. In addition, it is recommended that you use a granular activated carbon filter. These types of filters can effectively remove all harmful substances from your pool water.

Should You Give Your Cat Pool Water?

If you are looking for an alternative that is safer and more effective than just using plain old tap water to water your garden, then you should consider giving your cat pool water. You can easily mix together a gallon of fresh water and a cup of bottled water, and then pour it into your pool. The two are completely safe for your cat and will not hurt them in any way.

Giving your cat pool water is a great way to provide them with fresh, cool water that may help prevent health problems. It is also advisable to limit the amount of time that your cat drinks from the container. Drinking from the pool may be okay, but constantly mouthing the container may result in sharp teeth and/or jaw damage.

Should You Allow Your Cat To Roam Free?

Cats naturally need a lot of space to roam around in. Therefore, it would be beneficial to allow them to roam free in your garden. This will naturally result in them hunting for prey and gathering food for themselves. However, you should still ensure that they are healthy and protected from harm.

Remember that they are still animals and can get sick or injured easily. If they should ever encounter a predator or trap, then it is essential that you are around to help them. It is also advisable to keep them on a leash when outdoors in case they should get startled or injured by a dog or another animal.

If you live in a larger city, then there may be issues with your cat being infected with parasites from rodents or insects that they may have encountered while roaming. In this case, it may be necessary to give them a rodenticide treatment to help exterminate these harmful insects and prevent your cat from being sick. Additionally, as a preventative measure, you should consider giving them a vaccine against toxoplasmosis, cat-scratch disease, and ringworm.

The Bottom Line

If you have a cat and are considering giving them water from your pool, then you should know that it is not advisable to do so due to the chlorine content. Instead, you should use a water filter to purify the water before giving it to your cat. In addition, you should keep in mind that drinking pool water can be extremely harmful to your cat’s health. Therefore, you should switch to purified water if you are aware that this is what they require.

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