Is Indoor Swimming Pool Open? [Facts!]

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Indoor swimming pool open – Is it time for you to hit the showers? We bet your summer clothes are itching to be taken off now that the summer season is upon us. Unfortunately, you also have a winter clothes collection waiting to be worn – because you probably don’t have the money to buy new clothes every summer.

Luckily, there is an easy and affordable way to keep your pool at the right temperature all year long. And that is by opening up your pool to the outdoors during the summer months. While it may not sound appealing to get wet in a cold swimming pool, the benefits are endless. Your regular daily swim will protect you from illness and stress, help you stay fit, and improve your mood. We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s worth the minor discomfort of getting wet a little bit on warmer days. Especially when the sun is beaming down and you can smell the fresh air.

So is your indoor swimming pool still open? Or have you already succumbed to the cooler weather and put your pool away for the winter? We bet there is still time to get the pool opened up, and here’s why:

The Health Benefits Of Swimming

One of the primary reasons why you want to open up your pool to the outdoors is to maintain a healthy and clean environment for yourself and your family. You don’t want any nasty bacteria or fungus hiding in the tuckus, do you? We’re sure you’ll agree that keeping your pool clean is of paramount importance, especially if you have young children or other family members that you don’t want to put at risk.

Research has shown that swimming can provide numerous health benefits. It can reduce your body mass index, increase your vitamin uptake levels, and lower your cholesterol. All of which can help to contribute to a longer, healthier life. If you’re looking to make healthier choices this summer, consider getting into shape by swimming regularly. You’ll be thankful you did later.

The Cost Benefits Of Pool Opening

Perhaps the most appealing thing about outdoor swimming pools is that there are so many possibilities for cost-saving measures. The key is to be smart about how you use resources while still enjoying the benefits of an outdoor pool. For example, heat-absorbing shades can be used to keep the pool cooler on hot days, reducing your electricity bills. The same goes for planting certain trees alongside the pool – they will suck up rainwater and reduce the amount of water that has to be pumped. We’re sure you’ll agree that these are all great ways to save money and enjoy the outdoors.

These are just some of the ways that you can cut corners and enjoy the benefits of an outdoor pool without having to completely transform your investment. If you decide that an outdoor swimming pool is right for your situation, there are many green options available that will provide you with a cheap and quick fix. So don’t hesitate to give it a try. You may just find that it’s the best option available. After all, we all need a swim now and then, right?

Improved Mood And Relaxation

Let’s be honest, the summer months can be extremely hectic. You probably won’t have the time to relax and enjoy yourself as much as you’d like. Between the heat and the tourists, you may even encounter some stressful situations.

However, swimming provides you with a chance to reset and relax. Studies have shown that swimming can alter your brain’s activity levels, reduce your heart rate, and help you relax. If you’ve got the time, why not give it a try? You may just find that swimming is the perfect way to reset and unwind during this stressful time of the year. Plus, it’s already hot, so it can’t hurt to have a dip now and then. Right?

Fitness And Body Protection

Of course, one of the ultimate reasons why you want to open up your pool to the outdoors is to stay fit. Swimming provides you with a full body workout, which can help to maintain your lean muscle mass. Also, being in the water provides you with excellent body protection. If you’re ever exposed to the elements, you’ll know exactly how effective having a waterproof body can be. If you decide to get your pool opened up, it’s the perfect opportunity to take your fitness regimen outdoors. You may just find that it’s the best way to sweat and relax while still getting your exercise.

On the other hand, some people get really scared of water. Especially if it’s a deep or a cold pool. The fear of drowning is very real, even if it’s not something you will ever have to experience. For those people, swimming can be extremely stressful. There’s a lot of yelling and screaming involved, which is certainly nothing short of terrifying. So if you decide that an outdoor pool is not for you, you can easily avoid this and enjoy the benefits of a dry hot-tub. We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Especially when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

Increased Socialization

Did you know that children that grow up in a socially integrated environment (such as social clubs or daycare centers) are better equipped to interact with others as adults? A lot of times, kids that grow up in a socially isolated environment struggle with establishing and maintaining social relationships. This can lead to lower self-esteem and confidence, and even increased anxiety.

The great thing about swimming is that it provides you with a chance to socialize with other people. Even if it’s just with your kids, having them join a swim club can help to increase their social skills. And for the parents, getting a paddle and watching your kids have fun in the water is definitely a bonding experience. Kids learn how to be obedient and respectful, as well as how to have good sportsmanship. All of which are crucial ingredients to forming successful relationships as adults.

While there’s definitely a place for indoor swimming pools, they don’t compare to the benefits that you can gain from an outdoor pool. The key is to find the right one for your needs. If you want to save money and enjoy the benefits of an outdoor pool, there are many cheap and effective ways to do so. Be smart about how you use resources and you’ll find that it’s the best option available. And who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll even enjoy an outdoor swim in the winter too.

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