Is Rain Water Good For Swimming Pools? [Expert Review!]

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A lot of people are trying to figure out if rainwater is a suitable alternate water source for their swimming pools. The reason these people want to know is because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. There have been numerous cases of contamination caused by rainwater, and people are trying to be proactive and ensure that their pools are not among them. But is rainwater 100% safe to use in your pool? Let’s take a closer look.

Where Did The Water Come From?

The most crucial question is: Where did the water come from? It’s easy enough to find out; you’ll just have to look to the sky. The fact of the matter is that during a rainstorm, any surface water that remains on the ground will become increasingly contaminated with all sorts of organisms and chemicals. This is extremely dangerous when it comes to putting any type of life in or around your pool, including yourself.

How Does It Look?

Another important thing to check for is how the water looks. All rainwater that you come in contact with will have a murky look to it, even the cleanest and clearest water. It’s not only that the water looks gross, but you’ll also notice that the droplets are bigger and heavier than usual. This is because large amounts of particles that are in the air settle in the water when it falls from the sky.

How Does It Feel?

You might also want to check out how the water feels. While most people think about water being cold, the reality is that it can be anything from cool to warm, depending on where you are and what time of day it is. The temperature of the water will also influence how comfortable you feel in the pool. If it’s very cold, you might want to cover up or keep warm in front of the pool heaters.

How Is It Treated?

Finally, you’ll want to be sure that the pool water is always treated. Many people incorrectly believe that chemicals will kill all the germs in the water. The truth is that while chemicals are important, they cannot remove all the germs from the water. Always have a pool pump and chemicals on hand to maintain healthy, refreshing water in your pool. These pumps are easy enough to use and relatively cheap. In addition, many pools today come with an automatic pool cleaner that does all the dirty work for you.

Overall, Can I Use It?

With all that said, the general consensus is that rainwater is not a suitable alternate source for swimming pools. People are still trying to figure out how to use it safely, but for the most part, it is simply not an option. If you’re desperately trying to find a way to keep your pool going during the pandemic, there are several other alternatives that you might want to look into. Consider an above-ground pool instead of a traditional in ground pool. The above ground pools are generally safe to use and have a better appearance compared to traditional in ground pools. In addition, some of these pools come with a built-in water fountain that gives the illusion of a sparkling, refreshing pool. If you want to keep things trendy during these trying times, consider getting a pool that has an outdoor/indoor vibe going on. This way, when the weather is good, you can enjoy your pool space while staying connected to the outdoors.

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