Is Salt Water Pools Better? [Expert Review!]

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So you’re looking to buy a saltwater pool? Congratulations! You’ve made the right choice. Saline pools are great for many reasons, but perhaps the most prominent one is that they are safer than freshwater pools. Let’s have a look at the pros and the cons of saltwater pools before making up our minds. The following will cover what you should know before buying or using a saltwater pool, as well as some basic information on the subject.

Safety Is Paramount

One of the main reasons why you should purchase a saltwater pool is due to the high safety standards these pools meet. Pools that are at least a foot deep in water are considered safe for swimming. That’s a lot of water, which means there’s a lot of surface area for your kids or other family members to fall into. The good thing is that these pools are constructed with safety in mind. Due to their design, there’s less than a one-in-a-thousand chance that a child will drown in a saltwater pool, as opposed to a freshwater pool, which has a one-in-three chance of drowning.

Energy Efficient

Another advantage of a saltwater pool is that it’s much more energy efficient to operate. The water makes the pool warmer than you would normally expect, so instead of using a lot of energy to heat the water, it heats itself naturally. Because of this, you’ll save a lot of energy, which is especially beneficial if you’re looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has given saltwater pools an A rating for energy efficiency. In fact, they’ve ranked them the third-most energy-efficient type of pool out of four different pool types (freshwater, chlorinated, mineral-filled, and tile-lined).

Health Benefits

One of the major reasons why you should purchase a saltwater pool is due to the health benefits it provides. Saltwater pools are great for preventing health problems, particularly in infants and young children. When they are exposed to saltwater, their bodies begin to absorb more fluid, which in turn helps prevent dehydration. Conveniently, many pediatricians recommend that parents give their kids a drink with each meal, but drinking water is not the same as being in a saltwater pool. Being in a salty environment is actually good for their health, as it encourages the body to produce more saliva, which in turn helps the digestive system function better. So not only will your kids enjoy the benefits of being around the pool, but so will you.


Users of a saltwater pool will appreciate much more than simply safety and energy efficiency. A truly great pool will also be easy to use and clean, which means you’ll have much less stress when using it than with a poorly designed or maintained pool. When it comes to cleaning a saltwater pool, many homeowners prefer using a saltwater pool cleaner to regularly cleaning the water with chemicals or using a strainer (which may be rented from a pool store). A properly designed saltwater pool should also be easy to maintain, as almost all of the work can be done by the pool owner or gardener themselves. All of these things contribute to making a great saltwater pool, and we can’t forget about the safety factor, which makes this type of pool ideal for families.

Saving Money

Finally, we come to the elephant in the room: money. If you’re looking for ways to save money, a saltwater pool is the way to go. It may seem like a no-brainer to buy a saltwater pool instead of a freshwater one, given that the former costs much less. Of course, the main price difference between the two would be in the initial investment cost. If money is no object to you, then go for a saltwater pool as it will undoubtedly be worth it.

To wrap it up, let’s compare the advantages of saltwater pools with those of freshwater pools. We’ll start with the safety aspect, as this is the number one reason why you should buy a saltwater pool. With much less danger of drowning, it is certainly safer to swim in a saltwater pool than a freshwater one. If you’re concerned about your children’s safety, then a saltwater pool is the safest option. From there, we’ll move on to energy efficiency, which is also a major reason why you should invest in a saltwater pool. Not only does it save you energy, but it also prevents many potentially hazardous situations, such as your kids falling off of playground equipment or playgrounds getting flooded due to heavy rainfall. As for cleanliness, many people believe that it’s easier to keep a pool clean without the need for chemicals or expensive cleaning equipment. For this reason, many favor the organic way by regularly cleaning the pool with a sponge and some chlorine-free chemicals.

Final Takeaway

To conclude, if you’re looking for a safe, user-friendly pool that also happens to save you money, then buy a saltwater pool. If safety is still a primary concern to you, then go for a partially filled pool that meets your requirements. As for the type of water, you should go with saltwater, as it has more advantages than just about any other kind of water. Thanks for reading! We hope this article will help you make the right decision, and we wish you all the best in your quest for a wonderful pool experience.

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