Is The Pool Water On Princess Cruises Salt Water? [Solved!]

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Ever wonder if the water in the pools on a cruise ship is suitable for swimming? As it turns out, it depends on where you’re visiting! Read on to learn about the various types of water found on board Princess Cruises and how you should behave around them.

Types Of Pool Water

There are three types of water on a Princess cruise: fresh water, salt water, and ice water. Let’s examine the differences. Starting with fresh water, this is the kind you’d find in a swimming pool. It’s relatively fresh because there’s been no opportunity for it to be polluted by human activity. The catch is that the pool is not designed for swimming. As a general rule, the water level should not be lower than six feet for safety reasons. Less than six feet and you could find yourself in danger of drowning! The crew usually cleans the pool between cruises, which means the water is always fresh. Since the pool is surrounded by a deck featuring umbrellas and other relaxing spots, you may end up spending more time there than in your cabin. But you’re on a cruise ship, so being a healthy person is the best policy anyway, right?

The next type of water is salt water. While on a cruise ship, avoid touching the water in any way due to the presence of germs. These cruises usually include an onshore city stop that allows for some interaction with local people and landmarks. During this time, you’ll be able to tell the difference between salt water and fresh water based on the taste. Saltwater is found in the ocean and is more suitable for swimming than fresh water. However, the ocean water can become quite polluted from time to time, so it’s not always safe to swim in. The best thing for you to do is stay out of the water. Touching the water without using some form of protection can result in skin irritations and rashes. If you’re unsure about whether or not the water is safe to swim in, then don’t!

Ice Water

Finally, there’s ice water. You’ll find this on a glacier or in a glacier dome. While on a cruise ship, you’ll often be served ice water straight from the glaciers. This is a safe form of hydration to drink, as there’s no risk of the water becoming polluted. The downside is that it tends to be quite cold and can make you sluggish! If you want to save some energy on your cruise, then drink the ice water instead of swimming in it. The crew doesn’t usually serve ice water at room temperature, so you may end up feeling a bit chilly.

Avoiding Sickness On A Cruise Ship

You don’t want to get sick on a cruise ship. This could put a serious setback on your cruise holiday. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to avoid getting sick. From washing your hands to avoiding contact with the sick, these are some easy hygiene tips to follow. One thing you can try is drinking alcohol-free beverages. If you’re already drinking alcohol on a regular basis, then you might find that cutting back alcohol has many health advantages. It can also help you sleep, which in turn could make you feel better.

Even when you’re not feeling well, it’s important to stay hydrated. You should drink plenty of fluids each day, especially if you’re on a cruise ship. It’s also a good idea to stay out of the sun because too much exposure can cause you to become overheated and dehydrated. Even small amounts of exposure can cause damage to your skin, so keep your sunscreen lotion well stocked! Some forms of medication may also help with dehydration and discomfort, so it’s worth researching alternative treatments. While there are no certainties in life, preventing sickness and discomfort is definitely possible on a cruise ship. Just remember to take proper care of yourself and you’ll be able to enjoy your cruise without any worries!

At the end of the day, the choice is entirely up to you whether or not you eat the water. If you want to swim, then by all means, go for it! But if you don’t, then there’s no need to risk getting sick. Think about what kind of swimmer you are and how much you want to challenge yourself. If you’re a confident swimmer, then you may choose to bathe in the pool. However, if you’re not very experienced, then you may want to stay out of the water. Remember the safety guidelines and you should be fine!

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