What Are The Benefits Of Borates In Pool Water? [Expert Review!]

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Borates are compounds containing the elements boron and oxygen and, as a result, are often called ‘boric acids’ or ‘borates’. While borates can be used in a variety of ways in the chemical industry, they are most commonly found in the minerals borax and tufficauHsauH. Chemists and industrial-scale producers alike often use borates to create oxidizing chemicals, which are compounds that are readily soluble in water and have useful applications in the pool industry, among others.

There are a variety of benefits that can be realized by adding borates to pool water. Here are just a few examples.

Borates Are Generally Considered Safe For Piscine Use.

Due to their safety in the water environment and convenient solubility, borates are often considered safe for use in aquaculture. Some scientists have gone so far as to suggest that borates may even be more effective than other conventional chemical chelators in removing metal toxins from fish blood and cells. As a result, this has led to the widespread adoption of borates in the global fish farming industry.

Borates Increase The Durability Of The Swimming Pool.

Another frequently cited benefit of using borates in pool water is their ability to extend the life of the pool. Borates can adsorb on the surface of organic matter, such as algae and dirt, acting as a protective coating that prevents further damage from biotic factors such as bacteria and fungus. These substances are also easily removable, which may explain why borates are often recommended for use in association with a disinfectant.

Borates Are Effective Metal Toxicity Remediers.

As previously mentioned, one of the most common applications of borates is as a water treatment additive. When dissolved in water, borates react with various cations, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, that would otherwise be damaging to living organisms. This reaction is often utilized in a variety of aquaculture settings to prevent the buildup of toxins, which can lead to organ dysfunction and, in extreme cases, death of the organism.

Borates Are Effective Algaecides.

Algae are a significant issue in many swimming pools, due mostly to sunlight exposure. The production of algae is not only unsightly but these microscopic organisms can take up a considerable amount of space in the water column, leading to a reduction in oxygen and increased stress on other aquatic life. While some algaecides are effective against algae, such as triclosan, many others are not as active as borates against this type of organism. Borate salts are also more affordable than many other chemical algaecides, making their use more practical for homeowners and small businesses alike.

Borates Are Easy To Use.

One of the main reasons why borates are often considered better than other traditional algaecides is that they are less complicated to apply. In many cases, borates can be added directly to the water, with no additional preparation required. As a result, this makes their use much easier for homeowners and recreational anglers alike, especially in light of the fact that many of the commercially available borates are designed to be effective at very low concentrations (i.e., ≤1 ppm).

Borates Are Environmentally Conscious.

As previously mentioned, the mining and production of borax and tufficauHsauH, which are the two most common forms of borates, is usually considered more sustainable than the manufacturing of many other common chemicals due to its limited use and natural occurrence in the earth’s crust. The conservation of natural resources is also an important consideration when choosing an algaecide.

Borates Help Prevent Biofilm Formation.

Borates are often described as effective at preventing the formation of biofilm, which is a slimy substance that many microorganisms secrete to protect themselves from harm. These protective layers of slime are extremely difficult to remove, which may explain why biofilm is commonly found in association with disease outbreaks in aquaculture settings. In order to prevent the buildup of harmful biofilm in your pool, consider using borates as an environmentally conscious alternative to other algaecides.

Borates Enable Faster Cleanup.

Borates are often effective at removing heavy metal contaminants from the water sooner than other chemicals commonly used to treat pools for these substances. Calcium borates have even been shown to be more effective at removing lead from water than many other common chelating agents. In many cases, the speed at which borates remove heavy metals from the water is comparable to or better than that of many biocides. This makes their use more convenient for homeowners and recreational anglers who want to clean their pools quickly without relying on others for help.

Borates Increase The Overall Performance Of The Swimming Pool.

Adding borates to your pool water doesn’t require much effort but it will provide you with noticeable benefits. Similar to other performance-boosting additives, such as nitrates and triclosan, the use of borates can lead to significant improvements in the overall feel and function of your pool. Just remember that these compounds are only useful if applied responsibly and don’t need to be used in excessive amounts.

Borates Are Often Better Than Antibiotics.

When used in conjunction with a reputable disinfectant, borates can be an effective alternative to antibiotics. Many bacteria and algae develop resistance to antibiotics as they become more widespread in use, leading to an increase in healthcare costs and an overall reduction in the number of effective medications against bacterial infections. Adding borates to the water is another effective way of preventing the development of resistance in microorganisms, since these compounds are more difficult for microbes to metabolize and, as a result, remain active for a longer time period.

Borates Improve The Overall Feel And Function Of The Swimming Pool.

Just because your pool is already clean doesn’t mean that it can’t use some TLC. In some cases, adding borates to the water can quickly and effectively improve the overall feel and function of your pool. Calcium borates, in particular, are known for their ability to reduce eye strain, which may be caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially in areas where there is a lot of reflected light. This phenomenon is often referred to as ‘photographic sensitivity’, which is caused by a sensitivity to light within the eye that can lead to discomfort and irritation.

As previously mentioned, borates are often applied in the water treatment industry as a means of preventing the buildup of toxic substances in living creatures. They are also commonly used in conjunction with a disinfectant in order to combat the effects of biotic factors, such as bacteria and fungus, that can lead to serious health issues for humans and other living things.

Thanks to their many beneficial properties, borates can be used to improve the quality of your pool’s water and, as a result, provide you with years of enjoyable swimming. If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to maintain a clean and healthy pool, consider using borates as a replacement for other algaecides.

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