What Cc Should Pool Water Be? [Ultimate Guide!]

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You’ve picked out the perfect day, planned the perfect outfit, and stocked up on your beauty essentials—all you need now is the perfect pool and gorgeous scenery to make the picture complete.

But before you set off on your luxury Getaway with friends, you need to make sure that your pool is at the right temperature for swimming. Checking the pool’s temperature can be tricky, so here are a few signs that need to be heeded to ensure that your pool is ready for action.

The Temperature’s Fine

The temperature of your pool should be fine—that is, between 70°F and 75°F. The water should feel comfortably warm for the season, but not so hot that you start struggling with heat exhaustion. Keep an eye on the thermometer that measures the pool’s temperature, checking it every now and then to ensure that it stays in the right range. You certainly don’t want to end up having to cancel any of your swim activities because of chills!

The Pump Works Properly

The pump is vital for maintaining a constant supply of water in your pool. Without it, you’ll quickly find yourself swimming in a pool of water that gets progressively smaller the more you use it, since there’s only so much that the water can hold. To ensure that your pump is functioning properly, check for a continuous stream of water coming out of it (it should look like a waterfall), and for no visible leaks or damage. You can also test the pump’s action by putting a bucket under it and verifying that the water rises promptly. You don’t want to be activating your pump’s emergency stop mechanism just to find out that it’s not working properly—this could lead to serious complications if you end up drowning in your pool!

The Deck Is Level

A straight and level deck is important for swimming, as it helps prevent injuries caused by diving underwater (like broken bones or concussions). To level your pool’s deck, use a stake or pipe (depending on the size of your pool) and push it into the ground near the edge. Then, use a level to make sure that the deck is flat and even.

The Faucet Is Unclogged

Your pool’s faucet should be unclogged and positioned at a height that allows you to easily rinse off after swimming. It should also be equipped with an automatic shutoff device that prevents accidents when using it while bathing—this device should be easy to access and turn off when required, so that you can’t leave it on while bathing or cleaning the pool area, which can lead to scalding or burns in case of an accident.

The Water’s In Shape

It’s important to ensure that your pool’s water is in good condition, free of debris and leaves that could potentially end up in your mouth or ruin your eyesight. This can be done by taking out a cupful of water and testing it for clarity—if it’s too cloudy, it could indicate that there are particles of dirt or debris in it that have accumulated over time from swimming or using the pool’s equipment, such as the filter or heat exchanger.

The Drain Has No Leaks

Leaks in the drain are one of the major causes of slow water flow in your pool. To prevent them, regularly check for any signs of moisture around or under the drain and fix them promptly with the help of a professional plumber. It’s also essential to run the drain at least two to three times per week to keep water in good condition. You should be diligent in preventing this because, should you ever have a major leak, it would be nearly impossible to determine its source without draining the entire pool. In case of a leak, the water will eventually stain your pool’s tile and the staining can be quite difficult to remove without damaging the finish. Remember, safety first! If you don’t feel comfortable testing for leaks yourself, then get a buddy who does to inspect the area near the drain often—you can’t be too careful when it comes to your water!

The Light Is Correctly Positioned

In general, sunlight is the best available light source for lighting your pool area, providing sufficient brightness to see what you’re doing and avoiding shadows that may obstruct your view. To properly position the light, stand in front of it and face the sun—this will ensure that you’re providing even light distribution and maximum brightness. If you don’t have direct sunlight, then you can supplement this with several pool lights, which will also help increase safety by providing better visibility around the pool area.

The Sunscreen Is Always There When You Need It

One of the major causes of skin burns and irritation is overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. To prevent this, always keep sunscreen on hand when outdoors in the sun—even when it’s cold out, you’ll still be able to detect heat through your clothing, which can lead to sunburn should you remain outdoors for too long without protecting yourself. Remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours or after swimming to ensure that you’re not leaving any streaks or marks on your skin since the chemicals in sunscreen can breakdown if exposed to water, leaving you with a rash or irritation in the form of a sunburn.

All Equipment Is Where It Should Be

When you use your pool, you’ll inevitably end up moving around a lot of stuff that’s related to it. To keep track of these items, it’s vital to know where they should be stored when not in use. For instance, when not in use, your pool equipment should be covered to prevent damage or accidents from happening due to weather conditions or high temperatures (e.g., pipes or hoses could become brittle at high temperatures, leading to leaks or ruptures). If possible, also store your pool’s contents in some kind of container to make it easier to identify what’s in it (e.g., a bag or bucket). Finally, make sure to clean and oil your pool equipment regularly to prevent rusting and to keep water safe for swimming. This will also help increase the equipment’s lifespan significantly.

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How Do I Maintain Good Pool Water Chemistry?

As we’ve established, the water in your pool can become cloudy and unsafe to swim in if its chemistry isn’t properly maintained. To keep the water clean and clear, your pool’s water should be tested for PH levels and treated with chemical peels as needed. You can also use a water dispenser that adds chemicals as needed—most come with a built-in filter that needs to be changed regularly (this will ensure that the water is always fresh, and you’ll rarely have to change the chemicals manually). Finally, remember to vacuum your pool area at least once per week with an electrical vacuum cleaner for best results (an example of this would be the Shark Pool Cleaner by JETCO).

When picking a pool for your home, make sure that its water is of good quality and that there aren’t any dangerous substances in it that could harm you or your family (e.g., chlorine, which can cause eye irritation; weed killers or fertilizers, which can cause liver or kidney damage). Check with your local public pool for daily rules and regulations before using one—for example, some pools require you to wear a swimsuit, while others might not! Also, be sure to research whether or not the pool is heated, as this will greatly affect how you use it (warm pools are great for doing laps, while cold ones are best for enjoying an afternoon on the beach). If possible, make sure to purchase a pool filter that can remove chlorine and other chemicals from the water (this will help keep your pool safe for diving and also allow you to use it more frequently due to its improved water quality). The above should only serve as a basic guideline for picking out the perfect pool for your home—if you want the ultimate in relaxation and wellness, then give Oasis Swim Spa a call today! We’re happy to help with all your pool related questions and can send you over a free brochure with plenty more information on picking out the perfect pool for your home—just call toll-free 1-855-961-6777 or email [email protected] today!

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