What Does Pool Water Do To Bleached Hair? [Solved!]

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After swimming in a pool or ocean, your hair is going to be covered in water. Even if you cleaned your hair before entering the water, there are still going to be strands of moisture left inside. The best way to get rid of these strands of water is by using proper after-swimming care. Otherwise, these droplets of water may result in your hair looking dull, with a dry and patchy appearance.

Take Care Of Your Hair Before And After Swimming

You need to take care of your hair before and after swimming. This means washing it regularly and getting the proper nutrition from the water you drink. The nutrition in the water helps keep your hair strong while also keeping the follicles happy and moisturized. It makes sense to keep washing and conditioning your hair because water is going to stay inside after swimming. Washing allows you to remove oils and dirt that accumulate during swimming. This regular washing also stimulates the growth of new hair strands at the same time as removing dead cells. After your hair is washed and conditioned, you need to set it with a flexible hold spray or cream before going to sleep. This helps keep your hair looking fresh and the oils in the scalp hydrated. When you wake up, just give your hair a quick brush through and you’ll look amazing! Your hair will still be moist from the pool, but it will look like you just left the shower instead of the beach.

Avoid Using Conditioners On Your Hair After Swimming

Conditioners are a great way to nourish your hair. They make your strands look shiny, smooth, and ultimately better. Using conditioners on your hair after swimming is a great way to add some extra shine and luster to your strands. The problem is that after swimming in water, you hair is already going to be absorbing water. The conditioners are going to stick to the strands of hair and continue drawing more water into the hair. This is where the conditioner goes from being moisturizing to being water absorbing, making the hair look dull.

Use A Humidifier Or Dehumidifier

If you want to keep your hair healthy and looking full, you need to keep the air around it humid. Having dry air can do serious damage to the hair, especially if it is heated. You can use a humidifier or dehumidifier to add more moisture to the air in your home. Be careful not to confuse a humidifier with a dehumidifier. The former adds moisture to the air, while the latter removes it. You can choose either one, but if you think that your hair is looking a little dull, it might be a good idea to invest in a dehumidifier.

Try Not To Overuse Cream On Your Hair After Swimming

To be honest, after swimming in water, your hair is already going to be a little bit saturated with oils. The oil from your scalp is actually going to be working its way to the ends of your hair, making it shine more than usual (if that’s even possible). To keep that shine, you could use a cream, but you should only use them as a final step before heading to bed. Creams make your strands shiny, but they also make them heavy. A lot of people who use creams on their hair complain about feeling weighed down. So if you’re looking to keep your shine without feeling weighed down, use a splash of water to finish your look and save the cream for another day.

Avoid Using Hair Dryer On Your Hair After Swimming

Hair dryers are a great way to quickly dry your hair. They are going to leave your strands looking glistening and ultimately make you look like you just left the beach. The problem is that after using a hair dryer, you hair is going to be more vulnerable to damage. The heat generated by the hair dryer is going to break down the natural oils in your scalp, leaving your strands looking dull and dry. This is why it is best to use them at the very end of your shower, before you leave the house. If you have to go somewhere and you want to look your best, then it might be a good idea to skip the hair dryer and go for a classic, easy, and effective towel drying instead.

Consider Using A Waterproof Protectant

Wetting your hair before going to sleep is a great way to lock in the moisture. Even though you have just come off of a hot shower, your strands are still going to be extremely vulnerable to the elements. The sun is going to be beating down on your head, with the heat and moisture from daily household usage. This is why it is important to coat your strands with a waterproof protector. The best way to protect your hair is by sealing it with a waterproof coating. This way, you’re preventing water from getting into your hair, with its accompanying damage. There are many different types of waterproof protectants, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

Use Conditioning Routine

Conditioning is one of the most important tools in your tool kit when it comes to taking proper care of your hair. Using a conditioning routine every few weeks is going to help make your hair shinier, with a healthier, well-groomed look. You need to start by making sure that your scalp is completely dry before applying any conditioner. This means leaving the shower at least 15 minutes before you start conditioning. Make sure to condition your hair after using a water-efficient shower head. Washing your hair with only warm water is also going to help make your strands stronger and healthier. Some people even say that washing and conditioning your hair daily can make it grow faster. This is a myth, but it’s always nice to know that a good wash and condition can make a difference!

Monitor Your Hair’s Health

You need to keep an eye on your hair’s health, especially if you notice any problems. For example, if you have excessively dry strands, it might be time to change your shampoo or conditioner. Check for any signs of breakage, such as, strands falling out or pulling knots, and make sure to get them fixed immediately. Also, make sure to look out for bugs or other nasties that may be living or breeding in your hair. You should also condition your hair after each shampoo and mask wash to make sure that your strands are always moisturized and protected.

Use Products That Are Meant To Be Applied To Your Scalp

You need to use products that are meant to be applied to your scalp, otherwise, you’re going to feel that your hair is weighed down and eventually become discouraged with your hair’s appearance. Remember, your hair’s beauty comes from the inside. You’re not going to change its appearance by using some random skincare product that happens to be designed for hair. When you use these products on your scalp, you’re going to feel that your hair is getting bigger, due to the extra nutrients and moisture that are being absorbed by the strands. This is why it’s important to look for products that are specifically designed for your scalp, and not just for your hair. These types of products are going to be the best for keeping your hair nourished and looking full. Consider trying out a shampoo or conditioner made for alopecia or scalp psoriasis.

Taking care of your hair after swimming is going to be different from washing and conditioning your strands before you went swimming. This is because after swimming, your hair is going to be saturated with water, which means it’s going to need some different products to get rid of. For example, you are going to need to use a dryer instead of a humidifier to make your hair look shinier.

Try Not To Overuse Moisturizers

Once you removed the excess oils from your scalp after swimming, it was still going to be a little moist. To keep that moisture, you can use a moisturizer. However, applying moisturizers on a regular basis is going to make your hair look dull. Instead, apply a moisturizer once or twice a month for the best results. Moisturizers are great for keeping your scalp hydrated, but they’re not doing your strands any favors by staying in place for too long.

Avoid Using Scissors

Using scissors to cut off the excess oils and dead cells on your scalp is a great way to make your strands healthier. However, you need to apply gentle pressure while cutting with scissors to avoid snagging the strands in the blades and causing damage. Gently running your fingers through your hair as you cut can also prevent this kind of damage and make your strands look shinier.

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