What If My Dog Drinks Pool Water? [Solved!]

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Dogs are always a great source of worry for their owners when it comes to the water. It seems that they are always thirsty and want to drink from every possible source. This can sometimes lead to health problems for your dog. When it comes down to it, dogs are often better at telling us what they want than words can ever convey. Fortunately for you, we are here to help with these 11 tips on how to keep your dog hydrated and healthy! Let’s get started.

Keep Your Dog On A Hydrating Routine

Even if your dog is on the smaller side, he still needs to drink a lot. According to the Mayo Clinic, dogs need to drink at least eight ounces of fluids every hour on the average to stay hydrated. This is a lot for a dog, especially when you consider that they are often dehydrated when they arrive at the shelter. Keeping your dog hydrated is essential, particularly if you are away from home and they can’t access their hydration source. You can use these dog hydration pouches to help keep them hydrated on the go.

You should also try to keep their water in different containers. You can use a water bottle specifically designed for dogs. Alternatively, you can use a dishwasher bottle and just pour it into a bowl when your dog is hungry. For the best results, try using two containers, one for drinking and the other for storing. This way, your dog will always have fresh water available when they are thirsty and will also be protected from dehydration when stored away from home. Your dog will thank you for this precaution!

Give Your Dog A Waterproof Drink Bag

The last thing anyone wants is to be away from home and have their dog drink from the pool or lake and get sick. This can happen when they are not used to the water or when they are dehydrated. For this reason, you should equip your dog with a drink bag. Just like with human beverages, having a can or bottle of water in your car or by your side would be ideal. However, if you are out and about and don’t have a place to store it, a waterproof drink bag is the next best thing. You can purchase these items at any pet store or online retailer that specializes in offering pet supplies. A good waterproof drink bag will prevent your dog from becoming sick by preventing any bacteria or fungus from entering the liquid inside. It also helps protect the liquid from becoming contaminated by dust, dirt, or any other substance since most bags are made of durable plastic which inhibits absorption and protects the liquid from any elements.

Feed Your Dog A Balanced Diet

It’s not only important that your dog drink enough fluids but that they also eat the right kinds of food. The healthy fats in fatty meats and eggs help provide your dog with the energy they need to stay active all day long. Some dogs can also develop bloat, which occurs when large amounts of fluid are ingested along with increased amounts of food. This results in the bloating of the digestive tract and the distension of the stomach. This is a medical condition that requires careful monitoring and treatment if left untreated it can lead to complications such as internal bleeding, which is why you must be vigilant in keeping track of your dog’s health.

Check For Stomach Blockages

One of the most common reasons why dogs end up in the veterinary clinic is because they have undigested food in their stomach. The contents of their stomach and gastrointestinal tract can become blocked due to the continual passing of hard feces. You can prevent this from happening by regularly inspecting your dog’s feces for signs of constipation and other abnormalities. You should also know that a blockage in the gastrointestinal tract can sometimes lead to acute symptoms including severe pain and vomiting. In these cases, surgery is often required to remove the obstruction and restore normal function.

Monitor Your Dog’s Body Temperature

Another reason why dogs end up in the veterinary clinic is due to high body temperature. Dogs with an elevated body temperature have been known to exhibit signs such as listlessness, extreme thirst, and aggression. Your dog’s body temperature can be monitored by their veterinarians to determine if abnormal levels are present. The most common way to regulate your dog’s body temperature is through the use of cooling collars and blankets which help transport heat away from the body and dissipate it more efficiently. If your dog’s body temperature is consistently above normal, you should consult your vet for further guidance on the matter.

Take Your Dog On A Walk, Run Or Play In The Water Park

Taking your dog for walks is one of the best ways to socialize and exercise them. Dogs that are walked regularly become friendly and accessible companions who enjoy being around people and other animals. If your dog is not properly socialized, they can become unpredictable and aggressive towards other dogs and animals. This is why you must ensure that they are exposed to new things and people regularly to ensure that they do not become a threat to anyone else.

Playtime in the water park is another great way to socialize your dog and allow them to enjoy the water. You should take your dog to a reputable water park or dog beach where they can frolic in the water and make new friends. Just be sure that you supervise and make sure that your dog does not wander off into the water and get sick from exposure or drinking. Make sure that they are wearing proper swimming gear and have a life jacket nearby in case they get wet or start to float away. You can also purchase a water sports camera to capture the fun.

Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Dogs are naturally inclined to nip at things as a way of expressing their affection. This is mostly done through licking and gnawing. The problem is that this also causes their teeth to become worn due to friction against objects such as wires and shoes. You can prevent this by trimming their nails regularly and cleaning their teeth with special brushes or dental droppers. You should also keep an eye out for things that your dog may be allergic to such as flea bites, grass, and wood shavings. You may be able to prevent some of these allergies by altering your dog’s diet but for the others, you will need to visit your veterinarian for advice.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Warm Before Traveling

Your dog’s body temperature will naturally fluctuate according to the weather conditions and ambient temperature. However, they should always remain within a safe range to avoid the complications mentioned previously. Before traveling, ensure that your dog is properly packed and warmed up against the extreme changes in temperature. Pack earmuffs, a blanket, and a cooling cap if you are going over 30 miles per hour. Ensure that they are not left in an overheated or unheated vehicle.

The main thing to keep in mind about dogs and hydration is that they are always thirsty and need to drink regularly. You should try to keep them hydrated by providing them with clean, fresh water at all times. This includes when they are inside your home as well as when you are traveling with them. You can use these 11 tips to keep your dog hydrated and healthy! Remember to check back often as we are always updating this page with more information on veterinary health and care for your pet. Keep reading for more tips on veterinary health issues!

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