What Is A Drinkable Pool Water System? [Updated!]

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So you’ve decided to remodel your pool area and make it bigger, more colorful, and more luxurious. You’ve bought some new lounge chairs, and found a new poolside game to keep your friends happy. You’ve also upgraded your water feature, choosing a sleek and modern looking fountain instead of a classic looking spigot.

If this sounds like you, congratulations! You deserve a break. A vacation even. But in order to make sure your pool area is as convenient and enjoyable as possible, you need to consider certain aspects, such as the type of pool water system you’ll use.

What Is A Drinkable Pool Water System?

If you’ve ever been to a bar or a restaurant that serves watered-down beer, you may have experienced how unpleasant it can be to drink. Once the water has been added, the beer suddenly tastes awful, and this in turn causes a number of problems for the human body. The same goes for drinking plain water. It may not appear at first, but each drink you have will gradually become less fresh, and eventually flat-tasting.

When you’re planning on using your pool area as a place to socialize, have fun, or just relax, you may consider the type of pool water system you’ll use. There are several alternatives, and each one has its perks. For instance, you may choose a spigot, which is quite easy to use and doesn’t require much maintenance. Just make sure you regularly change the filter.

On the other hand, if your pool area is going to be used mainly for relaxation, you may want to consider a drinkable pool water system. These filters are specifically designed to remove the bad tastes from the water so that you can enjoy your time by simply drinking what’s offered. In addition, if you decide to use ice cream makers, this type of water filter will help prevent the ice cream from becoming rock hard after you eat it.

The advantages of a drinkable pool water system are countless. You’ll easily find a filtered water dispenser at any pool store. These systems are relatively easy to install and maintain. Plus, they’re relatively quiet, which makes a world of difference if you’re planning to take a relaxing afternoon with a good book or on the phone.

If you need a place to entertain guests, you may also want to consider a pool filter system that comes with an integrated bar, making it much easier to serve drinks at the same time as the water. This feature alone can make a difference in how much pleasure you get out of your pool area. Another great option would be a pool water softener. Just picture yourself relaxing in the pool with a good book, when all of a sudden a loud noise (e.g. kids playing, dog barking, birds chirping) distracts you. If this happens often, then you might want to consider how much better your life would be with a pool water softener. It can minimize the noise and allow you to have peace and quiet when reading or enjoying a sunset.

In the end, it’s all about what you want out of your pool area. Are you looking for a place to entertain guests and make social gatherings more fun? Do you want flat, refreshing beer or ice cream to drink? Does it bother you that the water gets less fresh with each drink? These are all important questions, and they’ll help guide you toward the type of pool water system that’ll make the most sense for you.

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