What Is Used Salt Water Pool? [Fact Checked!]

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A salt water pool is similar to a standard pool but located in a much more remote location. The water is much colder and more dilute due to the natural waters runoff from the nearby seas and oceans. If you are new to this type of swimming, the shock to your system could be rather significant. Once you get past the novelty of being in cold water, you will enjoy the feeling of being on the water and relaxing away from the crowds.


The main advantage of a salt water pool is the cold nature of the water. For those that love to swim in chilly waters, this is the perfect alternative. The water temperature in a salt water pool is much more constant than that of a normal pool. The climate is also better suited for swimming. Rainfall is very rare and very light so when it does rain it tends to do so for a short period only. This means that the water stays at a good temperature for a much longer time than in a standard pool.

The salt in the water also has a restorative effect. After swimming, the skin on your body is more relaxed and plump. This is probably due to the fact that salt is good for your skin. Some people also experience a reduction in their cholesterol levels while swimming in these pools. This is considered a healthy alternative as well.

Last but not least, the air feels fresher and cleaner in salt water pools. Since there is less interaction between water and air in these locations, the air feels fresher and less contaminated. Salt in water has also been known to be an effective way of removing parasites like algae and amoebas from your body. In regions where water contamination is a problem, this could be a huge plus.


On the other side of the coin, the disadvantages of a salt water pool are much more significant. The first and perhaps most obvious is the remoteness of these locations. Unless you are physically located near one of these pools, it is practically impossible to get there. In most cases, getting to and from the pool is also going to be more time-consuming. The isolation and remoteness of these locations means that there is less going on there than in a regular pool. There will also be times when you have to share the pool with other people (in which case, you have to get a membership or pay extra).

A salt water pool is also going to be much more expensive to maintain than a standard pool. This is mainly due to the cost of transporting the water and heating it as needed. There is also the issue of space. To accommodate the water, you will need to have a much bigger space. If you are going to be in a shared pool, you will also have to have additional locks and gates as well to prevent unauthorized entry.

How Much Does It Cost To Swim In A Salt Water Pool?

The price for a standard membership at a public pool is going to be more than adequate for the cost of a salt water membership. This is mainly due to the fact that public pools are already open to the public. For those that want to swim privately, there are also options available where you can have a membership that gives you access to a private pool. The price for this is not going to be significantly less than that of a public pool membership. In most cases, it will be quite a bit cheaper. The biggest savings usually come from the fact that you are not going to need as many people to run the pool. Since there is less going on in these pools, they tend to be a lot less expensive to operate.

Is A Salt Water Pool Worth It?

When you compare the advantages of a salt water pool to its disadvantages, the ultimate decision is rather easy. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages in this case and it is definitely a worthwhile investment for swimmers that are interested in a more relaxing and cheaper swim experience. These are also the people that will most enjoy themselves in the pool. If you are looking for an adventure or want to socialize with other people, go for a swim in a standard pool. If you are searching for a more luxurious experience or would just like to save some money, give a salt water pool a try. In most cases, the experience is more than worth it.

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