What Is Water Balance In A Pool? [Ultimate Guide!]

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Water balance is a measurement of how much the water content in your pool is changing in relation to time. The term water balance is often used in combination with ‘leak detection’, ‘leak repair’, and ‘water quality testing’ services to denote a complete pool services package.

Water balance is most easily determined by taking a sample of ground water, analyzing the sample, and comparing it to the pool’s water chemistry test results. However, it can also be estimated by looking at several different parameters, including pool temperature, pH, and nitrates (NO3).

Why Is Water Balance Important?

If your pool is not properly balanced, it will either fill up or empty out over time. An unbalanced pool will also cause damage to your pool equipment, and potentially to your health. Below, we will discuss some of the problems that can arise if your pool is not water balanced.

Filling Up

When a pool is not properly water balanced, it will often begin to fill up with water. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the main ones are as follows:

  • Too much water entering the pool (either from rainfall or from melting snow and ice) than leaving the pool.
  • The pool is located in an area that gets very humid (such as the Florida peninsula), and there is not enough space for the ground water to escape.
  • The pool is located in an area with lots of clay soil, which causes excessive water absorption.
  • The water chemistry tests that you have performed show that there is too much alkalinity (caused by bicarbonate ions, HCO3−) in the pool, and not enough acidity (caused by chlorides, Cl−), so the pool is not stable.

The solution to this problem is to either install a pump that will push water out of the pool, or to install a hose that will connect to a nearby faucet, and allow you to directly pipe water into the pool.

Eating Through The Fence?

If your pool is not properly water balanced, animals such as fish and frogs will begin to eat the ground vegetation near the pool, which can cause damage to your pool equipment and pollution to your water source.

One way to prevent animals from eating the ground vegetation is to install a chicken wire fence around the perimeter of your pool. It is also advisable to buy specific animals that you plan on keeping around the pool, as there are animals that are known to be particularly fond of swimming in fresh water, and will try their best to escape from a pond or a pool through a small opening in the fence.

Warped Swimlane

If your pool is not properly water balanced, the fiber content in the pool’s water will gradually build up, causing the lane stripes to become gradually blurred, and eventually turning the swimlane into a permanent web.

This problem can be prevented by either installing a pump that will push water through the pool, or using water that is as free from debris as possible when filling the pool.

Shady Areas Around The Pool

A pool that is not properly water balanced will begin to attract insects and mosquitos, which can cause you to become ill. One way to prevent these insects from entering your pool area is to install some sort of screen around the area, which is near the pool.

This screen should be at least six inches away from the ground, and should be made of either wood or plastic, in order to keep the insects at bay. Even if you keep the screen clean and intact, it will not prevent all of the insects from entering your pool area. Ensure that you apply some sort of bug spray around the outside of your pool area at night, and remove any dead insects or larvae that you may find around the pool during the day.

A well-maintained pool is a beautiful addition to any residential or commercial property. Having a pool in your backyard not only provides you with a place to relax and enjoy the weather, but it can also help you keep track of what is going on in your pool. By regularly testing the water for pH and nitrates, you can ensure that your pool remains stable and healthy, and that it does not suffer from any of the problems discussed above.

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