What Makes A Salt Water Pool Better? [Ultimate Guide!]

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There are many reasons why you might want to consider a salt water pool. Perhaps you are looking to add an edge to your pool season, and a salt water pool could provide just that. Or maybe you are considering a salt water pool as a more luxurious addition to your outdoor space, and there are several different ways in which it could be made to fit within your budget. A salt water pool can also be a more relaxing choice for yourself or for your children. It is quite possibly the best summertime activity ever! And last but not least, a salt water pool can add a touch of nature to your backyard, making it that little bit more magical. So let’s take a look at what makes a salt water pool better.

Salt Water Pool Is Better For Your Health

It is well known that swimming in water improves your health. There are many known benefits to swimming regularly, and many studies have shown that it can reduce your cholesterol, prevent diabetes, and even fight cancer. The water in your saltwater pool is likely to be heavily chlorinated, and this can add to the health benefits of swimming. Chlorinated water is known to kill tapeworms and some forms of bacteria. Swimming in chlorinated water is also said to be good for your skin and nails, making the water in your saltwater pool a truly healthy option.

Saltwater Pool Is Better For The Environment

Many people are turning to a saltwater pool to reduce their environmental impact. This could be because they want to do their bit for climate change, or simply because they want to reduce their dependence on plastic water bottles. A saltwater pool is not only a more sustainable choice than a freshwater pool but it is also a recycled choice! When you stop thinking about plastic waste and think about recycling instead, you will begin to realize how much less of an impact you are making. After all, what is more sustainable: taking a shower without using any plastic or washing your car a few times a week? A saltwater pool is a better choice because it reduces the need for watering your garden and the need to purchase plastic water bottles. Additionally, it requires less energy to produce than a freshwater pool, so it can be said that a saltwater pool is better for the environment.

Saltwater Pool Is Better For Your Kids

Apart from helping you unwind after a stressful day at work, having a pool is a great way for your children to enjoy themselves. A saltwater pool is larger than a freshwater pool and provides more space for your children to swim and play. It also blocks out the sun so that your children can enjoy the evening light rather than having to rely on flashlights or lanterns. If you want to enjoy the pool with your children, then a saltwater pool is the way to go. It will provide hours of entertainment for the both of you! And maybe one day, you will even be able to teach your children how to swim in a saltwater pool.

Saltwater Pool Is Better For Your Relaxation

If you are looking for a way to unwind and relax, then a saltwater pool is the ultimate solution. In addition to providing your children with hours of entertainment, a pool can help provide you and your spouse with some quality time together. Instead of having to rely on your smartphones to provide constant entertainment, you can sit back and enjoy the sunset with a cold drink in hand. A saltwater pool allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle, reset, and rewelcome the relaxation that awaits you.

The Amenities In A Pool Area Are Many

One of the things that make a saltwater pool so appealing are the amenities that come with it. A standard swimming pool does not offer much in terms of amenities, but a spa-type pool certainly makes up for it with several different choices. For instance, there is usually a bar or cafe around the pool so that you can get drinks and snacks while you are relaxing. There could be an outdoor shower so that you can wash off after relaxing in the pool or an outdoor fire place for those cold nights.

Most importantly, there is a lifeguard on duty around the clock so that your kids can feel safe even when they are around the pool unattended. Unsafe child supervision is one of the major reasons behind accidental drowning deaths in children under the age of four. It is a preventable death if you know how to protect your children. Be sure to read our page on creating a safe environment for your children if this is something that you are considering.

Saltwater Pool Is Better For Unwinding

Even better than the health and environmental benefits is the fact that a saltwater pool is so relaxing. When you get into the habit of swimming regularly, the relaxing feeling that you get from the activity itself will make you want to keep on swimming. A saltwater pool is the perfect place to let your worries drift away as you lose track of time. Whether you are seeking escape or want to give yourself a workout, a saltwater pool will never let you down.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider a saltwater pool, and it is easy to see that a saltwater pool could be right for you. If you have considered a freshwater pool before, but have not found the perfect spot for it, then maybe it is time to consider a saltwater pool instead. You will not be disappointed with the many perks that come with it!

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