What Takes Away Hardness Of Water In A Pool? [Facts!]

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The last thing any of us wants is a dull pool. However, maintaining a pristine pool demands a lot of attention to detail, especially in terms of keeping it hard-water clean. It is not always easy to identify the source of water deposits, but they often come from the same source – the water itself. Once you realize this, you can start taking measures to prevent further build-up of mineral deposits in your pool. Here are just some of the things that can soften water in a pool and make it less demanding to keep clean.

Oversized Pool Pump

An oversized pool pump is one of the primary causes of water transport in your pool. The bigger the pump, the stronger the water pull it can achieve. However, the bigger the pump, the more energy it requires to run it. This is something you want to avoid, especially when you are already aware that electric swimming pools pose a danger to the environment as a whole, not just because of the additional energy consumption. A good, energy-efficient oversized swimming pool pump will be strong enough to supply your pool with water, but it will not overwork itself doing so. The result will be that you save energy and afford a much more comfortable bathing experience for yourself and your family.

Debris Cup

Keeping the water inside your pool clean is a labor-intensive task, and the best way to do this is to prevent any kind of debris from entering it in the first place. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using a debris cup. These are tall, plastic containers that help keep small objects from entering your pool and causing damage. They also increase the aesthetic appeal of your pool by adding an extra touch of green to it. Some people even add a few flowers to their pool in the spring to brighten it up a bit.

Jet Skimmer

Jet skimmers are high-speed pumps that can move large volumes of water quickly and efficiently. This makes them an excellent choice for professional pools that need frequent cleaning, or for home use as a form of supplemental water transport. The most significant advantage of using a jet skimmer is the fact that they offer an easy way to keep the water clean without having to rely on your pool’s vacuum system for that purpose. This is because the water is pushed through the filter pads by the powerful flow of jets, effectively washing down any small objects that may have accumulated in the water during the day. The result is that your pool’s water remains crystal-clear all year long without needing an additional clean-up.

Fluid Screen

Fluid screens are meshes with very small openings that are designed to block small objects from entering your pool. These are an excellent choice for people with small pools, as they allow for sufficient water flow while also offering visual appeal by adding an extra touch of green to your pool. When used in combination with a debris cup, this allows you to enjoy a crystal-clear pool all year round, plus the additional benefit of preventing algae from growing in the water. This is a nice way to add a little extra to your pool without having to break the bank.

Water Features

The last thing anyone wants is a plain pool. However, adding a bit of ‘finish’ to it can help make it more appealing and ease its keeping clean. Adding some form of water feature to your pool can help improve its overall look and feel. These are excellent choices for people with small or medium-sized pools, especially if they already have some form of greenery in their yard. Some good choices for water features are a waterfall, a stream, or a pond. If you can find one that fits the space, consider it.

Fully Covered Pool

A fully covered pool is one that is completely enclosed on all sides. This means that it has no holes or breaks in its side, or roof, through which debris can enter. The benefit of this is that it prevents any form of dust and debris from getting into the water in the first place. Also, because there are no breaks in the side, it prevents any sunlight from getting in and causing algae growth. The result is that your pool stays crystal-clear without the need for additional cleaning measures all year round.

With these tips, you can start taking measures to make your pool more appealing and easier to clean. Remember, the most significant factor in keeping a pool clean is proper maintenance and occasional cleaning. By adding these small changes, you can make a significant difference in terms of how much effort it takes to maintain a pristine pool. Plus, you can have fun while doing it.

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