When A Pool Leaks Where Does The Water Go? [Expert Guide!]

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You’re relaxing at home when suddenly there’s a loud noise outside. You go to the window to see what’s going on and are surprised to see a man in a swimming costume kneeling on the roof of your pool. You open the window and ask what he’s doing and he replies, “I’m sorry sir, I’m trying to fix your leak. The water is still coming in. Can I come in and talk to you for a moment?” You say sure and he climbs into your house. He comes in carrying a briefcase and sets it down on the table. He opens it and reveals all the necessary tools and materials required for the job. You ask how much this will cost and he replies, “Not much, about $500. Your pool was built in 1965 and the roof is leaking internally. I’ve seen this type of leak a lot; it’s usually caused by a broken seam or tile which eventually leads to the whole thing collapsing in on itself. I’m here to fix it for you at no cost to you.” You say that’s great and he starts working. He quickly takes out his tools and you realize this is no amateur. You ask how long it will take and he replies, “Oh, I’d say about two hours.” You ask how many hours of pool time he has and he tells you it’s been a while since he’s been in the water but he’s still able to swim. You say that’s impressive and he does another workmanlike two hours job. He then says, “I’ll get out the pool filters now and clean them for you as well.” You say that’s great and he leaves to do so. You then discuss with your wife how nice it would be if she could join you in the water for a bit as you get the pool ready for some fun in the evening. You then go and get your wife into the water and chat with her while you swim. After about ten minutes she asks, “Why did you stop talking about me in the water? You never talk about me when we’re in the water together.” You reply, “Well, when you’re in the pool with a beautiful woman it’s not exactly…appropriate…to talk about your wife, now is it?” She then teases you by laughing and saying, “You say that now but soon you’ll be doing all kinds of inappropriate things to me.” You then tell her that she’s got her head in the water and she should get out before she drowns.

When you come back from work the next day, you’re a bit tired and it takes you a while to get changed and into the water. As you’re slipping into your swimming trunks, you notice there’s a bit of a puddle on the floor next to the pool. You assume your dog must have peed in it and go to step on it to empty it. As you’re doing so, you trip over something and look down to see a snake in the shape of a ring with a ruby inside it. You scream and jump out of the pool before your wife sees you. Your wife asks what’s wrong and you reply that you just saw a snake inside the pool. She then asks if it was poisonous and you tell her it was a ring snake. She thinks this is very strange and goes to get the phone to call the local snake charmer. While she’s on the phone with the snake charmer, you dive into the pool and grab the snake by the tail. You then pull it to the edge of the pool and shake it vigorously for a few seconds before letting it go. The snake hits the ground and disappears while making an irritated noise. Your wife comes back from the phone call and tells you the snake charmer says it’s not poisonous and is often found around pools trying to find a mate. You then chat with your wife about the weird things that happen in the water as you both swim. Your wife then suggests, “Why don’t we try putting a lid on the pool to see if that’ll trap some of the weirdness?” You reply, “I love your creativity but let’s just see what happens with the lid first.” You then put the lid on the pool and it stops all the weirdness for the time being. You go inside and talk with your wife for a bit before going to bed. When you get up in the morning, you find the pool equipment and supplies neatly packed and put away. You then go outside and find the roofer kneeling next to your pool. You ask what happened and he replies, “I couldn’t sleep so I decided to come and check on the pool to see if it needed any more work. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it so I set up some waterproof cameras to take a look around the area. I then saw the lid was missing and assumed it had been stolen. I decided to get out of my wet clothes and into my sleeping clothes before going to bed. When I came back to my apartment later that night, I found my bag and wallet on the kitchen counter and some wet clothing next to the toilet. I assume someone broke in and robbed me while I was asleep.” You then say, “This is why we need a locked gate and security cameras.”

Later that day you meet with the insurance company that covered your pool’s equipment and contents in case of a loss. They ask if you had an alarm system on the pool and you tell them no but you have one on the house as a whole and it had sounded when the robber came in through the window. The police are then called and given a full report. However, they aren’t able to find any leads in the case and tell you it may be costly to repair due to the amount of copper piping on the roof. You then ask the insurance company to pay for the roof repair since it was their equipment that was stolen. They tell you they will call you when everything is settled. A week goes by and the phone call does come but it’s not from the insurance company. It’s an old friend that you hadn’t spoken with in years who tells you he’s in the construction business and happened to be in the area when he heard about your trouble. He then offers to help for free as he’s in the area and had nothing better to do. You thank him for his offer and he starts work. After he’s done, he calls you again to let you know he’s fixed the problem and your pool will be back in working condition. You then ask how much the job cost him and he replies, “Nothing, I had it all done for free.” You then tell him you’re going to have to get this fixed a bit more frequently now since it leaks a bit more often and he laughs and tells you not to worry about it. You then thank him for his help and he leaves. A few days later you get a call from the insurance company asking if you’ve had any more trouble with the leak. You tell them about your friend in the construction industry and they tell you they’ll have someone come out and take a look at it. A week later, your friend from the construction industry calls you to let you know he’s fixed the leak but it wasn’t him that came out and looked at it. It was a man in a bunny suit with a carrot on a stick glued to his back. He was unable to fix the leak by himself so he called in some other guys in bunnies to help him. They then proceeded to throw up all over your pool and scream, “We’re rabbits in this hole and we need to go on the run!” Your friend in the construction industry then tells you not to worry about it and that he has a contact who can install some anti-rabbit spikes around the perimeter of the pool.

Two weeks later your friend calls you to let you know he’s finished with the pool renovations and it’s ready for use. You then ask about the rabbits and he laughs and tells you not to worry about them anymore. It seems they got scared away by the anti-rabbit spikes they put around the pool. This was two weeks ago and you haven’t had any trouble with the pool since. It still leaks a little bit when it rains but aside from that it’s fine. Your wife then asks, “Why don’t we just cover it up and forget about it? It’s not like it’s a big deal.” You reply that it is a big deal since it’s caused you a lot of trouble over the past few weeks. You then tell her about your friend in the construction industry who helped you fix the problem and how he’s in the area a lot and happened to be around when the leak was discovered. You then tell her it would be best if she didn’t tell anyone else about the leak since it’s still relatively new and hasn’t been revealed to the public yet. Your wife then assures you she won’t tell anyone and the pool is once more your private refuge. You then ask if she still thinks it’s weird that you talk about her in the water and she laughs and tells you it’s not weird anymore.

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