Why Do You Need Calcium In Pool Water? [Updated!]

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A few things in life are fundamental. Food is one of them. Beverages are another. And perhaps the most basic element of life is water. If you want to live, you need water. You can’t make exceptions for any other element. If you don’t have water, you don’t have life.

And it’s the same with swimming pools. In order to create a magnificent experience for you and your family, your pool needs to be stocked with the proper amenities. One of these amenities is calcium.

Why should you add calcium to your pool?

You need to do this for two reasons. First, it improves water quality. Secondly, without it, your pool will deteriorate. Let’s examine both of these reasons.

Improves Water Quality

With the proper amount of calcium added, your pool will remain crystal-clear all year round. Your pool water will stay fresh and free of any chemicals that might be harmful to you and your family. In other words, the quality of your water will improve.

But what is causing the deterioration of your pool in the first place?

You and your family are consuming more water than usual. Hotels, spas, and resorts around the country are experiencing an uptick in pool problems. These range from green water to rust stains. But whatever the case may be, all of these problems can be traced back to one thing – lack of calcium. In other words, if you want to keep your pool crystal-clear, you need to add calcium to it. Every week.

Detersiorates Over Time

If you don’t have enough calcium in your pool, it will eventually deteriorate. This means that the beauty of your pool will be ruined and you will have to spend more and more money to keep it clean. To put it simply, the more you use it, the more it eventually wears out. And what happens when this happens? You have to replace it, which is both expensive and inconvenient.

So, in order to keep your pool at its best condition, you need to add calcium to it on a regular basis. To put it bluntly, if you don’t want to end up replacing your pool equipment soon, add some calcium to it.

All Swimming Pools Are Not Created Equal

Although all swimming pools are not created equal, this certainly does not mean that all pools require the same treatment. Just because your neighbor’s pool is located in a suburban backyard does not mean that it is up to the same standards as your own backyard pool. In fact, if you want to keep your pool in its best condition, you need to take several factors into consideration.

For example, if you swim often, a lot of calcium will be needed. Also, if there is a lot of algae in your pool, you will need to take this into consideration as well. Algae grow quickly and consume a lot of calcium, which makes your pool appear green. But algae also cause various diseases, so you don’t want this either. A health inspector will be able to tell you whether or not your pool is infected with algae.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you want to keep your pool in good condition, you need to continuously add calcium to it. This will help give it that healthy, clear appearance that makes you proud to be by the pool all summer long. So, for the sake of your family’s health and happiness, add some calcium to your pool today!

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