Why Does My Fresh Water Pool Taste Salty? [Solved!]

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When you buy a home with a swimming pool, one of the things that you will most probably notice is that the water in your pool tends to be very salty. While this may not be a problem for some people, for others it can be very off-putting indeed! But exactly why does the water in your pool taste so salty? And more importantly, is there anything that you can do about it? Let’s dive in and find out.

The Reason For The High Salt Content

When you visit a beach, you will notice that the water there is not only very refreshing but also tastes very similar to the Mediterranean Sea. This is because the coastal waters contain a lot of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium. These minerals make the water more alkaline which in turn helps give it a briny flavor. So in a way, the high salt content in your pool is actually a good thing! After all, it is trying to tell you that there is a lot of minerals in the surrounding water sources!

But while the minerals in the water make it flavorful, they also cause other issues. For instance, too much calcium can cause your pool’s waters to become cloudy. Which is actually something that you do not want to have happen since the clarity of the water is one of the primary reasons that you bought the pool in the first place! So while the minerals are necessary for your body’s good, they can also cause you unnecessary problems if you do not know how to control them. This is why it is generally best to avoid drinks with added sugar and juices when you are near your pool and why you should not eat too much of the seafood that is available in the area.

How Does Too Much Salt Influence My Health?

Even if you do not consume any salt at all, your body still needs a certain amount of sodium in order to function properly. This can be gained from food or supplements. If you decide to add more sodium to your diet through food, you can try and gain the benefits of the minerals while avoiding the issues that may arise from consuming too much salt. But if you choose to get the sodium that you need by taking supplements, you should be aware of the fact that too much salt can cause serious health problems.

These problems include heart disease, stroke, and the prevention of kidney function. So while it is necessary to maintain a healthy dose of sodium in your body, you must also be careful not to consume more than what is good for you.

Preventing Your Pool From Becoming Alkaline

Many pools contain alkaline water because the surrounding area is mainly responsible for providing the pool with minerals. This can be good for the overall health of the pool and its fixtures, but if you want the water in your pool to taste fresh, you should try as much as possible to prevent the alkalinity of the water from accumulating. The easiest way to do this is by adding drops of acid to the water. Doing this will help restore the balance between the alkalinity and acidity of the water. Simply adding some vinegar to your pool will not only improve the taste of the water but will also help prevent the pool from becoming too alkaline. With these measures, you can be sure that the water in your pool will taste as good as new!

Since the pH of water is a measure of the overall acidity or alkalinity of the water, you should try to keep the pH between 7.2 and 7.8 in order to get the best possible flavor from your pool water. Anything above this level and below this level will start to interfere with the normal functioning of your cells and may even cause damage in some circumstances!

Treating The Pool With Salt

The minerals in the water need to be maintained in order to keep the water healthy. This requires that the minerals be continuously dissolved or otherwise made available to the pool’s filter system. The easiest way to do this is through regular doses of salt. So if you want to give your pool a nice, crystal-clear appearance with bright, clean water, you should try to add more salt to the area than is strictly necessary. For a daily dose, you can use a salt water dispenser that is connected to a hose that you can detach from the spigot when you are done. A pool with salt water is more enjoyable to hang around in all day long and it also helps maintain the health of the pool and its fixtures!

Adding Some Reef Caustic

The water in your pool needs to be at a certain level of acidity in order for the minerals in the area to be easily dissolved into the water. When the pH of the pool water is lowered, this will make the water more acidic and it will become a breeding ground for algae and other unsightly creatures. One way of lowering the pH of your pool’s water is through the use of a chemical known as reef caustic. This is a water-soluble liquid form of acids that are used to lower the pH of your pool water. Just add a few drops of this chemical to your pool on a regular basis and you will start to see changes almost immediately! You will notice that the water is clearer and there will be less algae in the area. But since chemical additives are not something that you want to play with near your home, make sure that you do not put too much of this stuff in your pool!

The Effects Of Too Much Salt

There are many reasons why the salt content of your pool is not good. One major reason is that you should not be adding any salt at all to the water in your pool! You should be removing it since too much salt can lead to all kinds of health problems. But if you really want to give your pool an extra boost, then try adding various chemicals to the area in order to raise the pH level. You will find that many pools are designed to be home to a wide variety of water creatures, so they often contain a number of guppies and other similar looking fish. Just make sure that you do not put any of these fish at risk by encouraging them to come to your pool and eat all of the algae that is growing there! And if you cannot find any of these saltwater fish in your area, then it is probably time to consider moving to another area where they can be found more easily!

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