Why Is There No Water In My Pool Pump? [Expert Guide!]

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You have just finished your week long vacation and are now relaxing at home. You have just finished showering and are about to get into your pool when you notice that the water is completely flat. You call the pool service and explain the situation, but all they can do is offer a lame apology and tell you that there is nothing they can do. You decide to go with it and just deal with it since there is no other pool available, at least not close by. So you tell them to just fill it up as you enjoy your swim. A while later, you hear a loud splash and see your friends coming out of the water, laughing and having a great time. You dive in to have your swim, but to your disappointment, the water is murky and there are large fish in the area that are apparently taking a liking to your pool. You decide to leave and find another place to swim. On your way home, you pass another pool and decide to give it a try. So you tell the guy at the pool hall that you are traveling for work and need a place to relax, and he points you to the best spot in his opinion. You swim for a couple of hours and have a good time with the people around you. You feel refreshed and rejuvenated as you come out of the pool and the sun is slowly setting on the horizon. You decide to call it a day and are about to get into your car when you notice that the back tires are almost completely flat. You check your tires and find that they are indeed completely hollow. It has been a tiring day and you decide that it would be best to call it quits for the night. As you are about to get in your vehicle, you notice a figure walking towards you. You reach for your phone to call the cops, but before you can dial the number, the person in front of you reaches out and turns your phone into a radio. As you are listening to your favorite classical music, the person in front of you begins to speak to you. At first, you don’t really understand what they are saying, but then it becomes clear that they are trying to apologize for breaking into your vehicle and carjacking you. You tell him that it is okay and that you understand and that you can even appreciate what he is doing, even though it was completely wrong. Before you know it, several police cars and an ambulance have showed up, and the paramedics begin to work on rescuing you from the inside your hollowed out car. After a lengthy surgery, you are finally able to get back on your feet again. As you are getting out of the hospital, the police officer walks up to you and tells you that you have been very lucky. While your legs may be broken and you will need to wear a special boot until the swelling goes down, everything else about you should be fine. You ask how you can be sure and he explains that the gun that was previously pointed at you during the robbery has been recovered, along with a baseball bat that was used to break a window in your car. You thank the officer for his help and begin to head home. As you are driving, you begin to feel nauseous and reach for the emergency button. You call your wife and explain the situation, and she tells you to pull over and get out of the car. You tell her that you don’t want to make her drive all the way to the hospital, especially since it was just a fender bender. Before she can respond, the sirens begin to wail and you look up to see several police cars and an ambulance in the oncoming traffic. You realize that the paramedics will not be able to help you and decide to start running up the center of the street, in the middle of a densely populated neighborhood. You look back just in time to see an officer throw a trident at you.

What Is A Trident?

A trident is a weapon made up of three prongs that are used to pierce flesh and disable your victim. They are usually found in mythological creatures and the devil. In recent years, tridents have become quite popular and can be bought cheaply from online merchants such as eBay.

If you are ever in doubt as to whether or not you actually need a trident, then just remember:

No creature, god or monster, has ever needed a trident. Ever. It’s always been anachronistic, it never worked in real life, and it never will.

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