Why Pool Water Gets Yellow? [Solved!]

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Have you ever noticed that pool water gets yellowish-brown in color?

It seems like a harmless enough question. But in case you’re wondering, the answer is: it depends.

While it’s true that the light in your pool can cause the water to take on a yellowish tint, it’s not just about the light. The pH balance of the water is also important. As the pH levels of the pool water change, the color can alter as well.

When the pH levels are high, the water takes on a bluish tint. As the pH levels go down, the water turns yellowish-brown. To put it simply, when the pH levels are low, the water turns yellowish-brown. Just like that. The color changes are subtle, so you would have to be observant to notice them.

What causes the pH levels of the pool water to change?

Well, it’s not often you would find an environment-friendly pool cleaning product on the market, but a growing number of pools now come with a saltwater pool chemical add-on for safety and pool maintenance.

These chemicals are essential for keeping your pool safe from dirt and germs. Additionally, the chemicals can help maintain a proper PH balance for your precious water. Just like that. Healthy, pleasant-looking pool water is just a few swipes of the deck cleaner away.

More Than Meets The Eye

Did you know that your pool can play an important role in your home? Not only can it be a cool place to relax and refresh yourself, but it can also keep your pool owners insurance active as well. It seems like a win-win situation for homeowners who have an indoor pool.

When your pool is connected to your home’s plumbing system, it’s possible for the pool to serve as a public area as well. This becomes more than just a cooling and refreshing place to be, but a place that welcomes family and friends for some swimsuit season parties.

As mentioned above, the PH levels of your pool water can change based on a number of factors. This is where most pools fail to live up to their full potential as an asset to their home. If you want to keep that welcoming atmosphere without too much thought, it’s best to get a pool that is as near perfect as possible in all ways.

If you’re interested in keeping healthy PH levels in your pool without too much thought, there are a few options available.

AquaBuoy Ph Value Switches

If you want to keep your pool at its best all year long, the solution is easy: use something as simple as an AquaBuoy Ph Value Switch.

AquaBuoy Ph Value Switches are installed between your pool’s plumbing and the main tank. When the PH level in your pool drops below 7.5, the switch activates, sending a signal to the main tank that lowers the pH level. This helps maintain a perfect PH balance for your pool water all year long. It’s really that easy.

Did you know that every time you use chemicals to clean your pool, you’re lowering its chemical resistance? The solution is easy: use only eco-friendly cleaners with biodegradable formulas that won’t damage the pool’s coating.

Not only does this help keep your pool looking great, but it also helps maintain a healthy ecosystem in your pool. The fewer chemicals and cleansers you use, the better for the environment. Plus, you’ll be helping keep the dangerous substances out of the landfill.

As your pool matures (that’s pool water covering the ground from normal use) you’ll need to have it cleaned more often. This is where regular cleaning products become ineffective. It’s time for a professional clean.

Island Clean

If you want to keep the beach atmosphere in your pool without too much thought, get an Island Clean.

Island Clean is a brand name used for a type of saltwater pool cleaning device. These systems are available in different sizes to fit all types of pools. When you’re cleaning your pool with a traditional pool cleaner, the heads will clog very easily. That’s a key reason why most pool owners clean their pools with chemical additives. But with an island cleaner, this is less of a concern since the heads are always attached to the tank. This means when you change (or replace) the head, you’re changing the whole unit.

So if you want that relaxed, beach-like experience without a lot of thought, the island cleaner is the answer. Plus, we all know that nothing feels quite as relaxing as being in the presence of an all-natural environment.

Trick Flow

If you’ve ever tried to clean your pool with a traditional garden hose, you’ll know how difficult this can be. Not only do the hoses get easily tangled, but it can also be difficult to keep the water flowing in the right direction.

Did you ever try to clean your pool with a spray bottle? If so, you know how frustrating it can be to have the water move in the wrong direction. You might be inclined to just give up and start over. This is where the Trick Flow comes in.

The Trick Flow is perfect for those situations where you don’t have easy access to your pool’s plumbing system. This type of device attaches to your pool’s handle and allows you to easily control the direction of the water flow. By rotating the handle, you can easily direct the water into whatever area you choose.

For example, if you’ve tried to clean one corner of your pool and have a little trickle running down the other, it can be frustrating to constantly turn off the water and turn it back on when you’re done. With a trick flow, you don’t have to worry about this since the unit automatically adjusts depending on which direction you turn it. So even if you clean one side and have a trickle running down the other, the water will continue flowing in the same direction as long as the handle is rotated in the same direction.

Self-Cleaning Pool

If you want a completely automated way to clean your pool without all the hassles of adding chemicals and removing them later, get a self-cleaning pool. Did you know that some self-cleaning pools are integrated with a pool cleaner?

These are also installed between the pool’s plumbing and the main tank. When the pH levels in your pool drop below 7.5, the switch activates, triggering the automated cleaner.

The advantage of a self-cleaning pool is how easy it is to use. Just connect the plumbing and set the timer. Then, head into the water and enjoy. Your pool will be clean and ready for you when you get out of the water.

The above options are just some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to enjoy your pool to the fullest. If you want a stress-free life, it’s best to buy a pool that is easy to use and maintain. This will help keep your pool working at its best all year long. And what’s more, it will make you feel like you’ve gotten a great bargain.

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