Why Would My Pool Be Losing Water? [Solved!]

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You wake up one morning, and you discover that your pool is not as clean or refreshing as you remember. The water has a muddy hue, and there’s a strange, slimy feel to it. You check the levels, and they seem to be alright. However, as you step closer to the pool in order to get some cool and refreshing water, you notice something is off. The water is not as clear as it used to be! You begin to notice this issue with other pools in your neighborhood as well, and it’s not a pretty sight. You call your local pool company to ask them about the discoloration, and they tell you it could be caused by several things!

The bad weather we’ve been experiencing has left a lot of moisture in the air. When it rains, it pours, and the moisture in the air is slowly seeping into your pool via the ground! If you feel like your pool is not doing well in keeping its clean and clear water, then this is most likely the issue. This is especially problematic if you have an inground pool as the ground around it will be saturated with all that rain Water. This is why it’s important to do periodic cleanings of your pool, which I’ll discuss later in this article.

The Color Fades After Dark

One of the first things you’ll notice about your pool after it starts losing its clarity is how quickly the color fades after you stop splashing around in it or using it for any activity. Now, this can be a very beautiful and calming effect, but don’t expect it to stay put for long. The water will keep changing colors until it reaches a point when it’s no longer possible to determine what the original color of the water was. If you do decide to swim in it, then make sure you’re conscious of the fact that it will take longer for your skin to adjust to the temperature of the water. This is why most swimmers wear Speedos or similar swimwear, as it allows for quicker body heat dissipation. Once you remove your swimsuit, the water will appear cool and refreshing, but it won’t stay that way for long!

The Strange, Slick Feel To The Water

Along with the discoloration and gradual color change are two other phenomena you’ll notice once you start losing water from your pool. The first is that the water will start feeling strangely cool and refreshing. At first, you’ll think this must be a fluke, but soon after, you’ll find yourself enjoying this aspect of the pool. It’s almost as if the water is alive and is slowly eating away at your pool’s structure. The second phenomenon is that the water will start feeling slimy and a bit sticky. There’s no need to worry about this aspect though, as you’d expect for an outdoor pool. After all, it’s completely natural for the water to become slimy and moist due to all that rain we’ve been suffering through this year!

Puddles On The Ground

Now, it wouldn’t be terrible if all this moisture stayed on the ground surrounding your pool. However, if you wake up one morning and your pool is completely saturated, then it’s time for you to panic! Puddles on the ground are never a good sign and can lead to severe flooding. When this happens, you’ll be glad you reacted quickly enough to stop the problem before it got worse.

If you really want to avoid this type of situation, then it’s a good idea to take a few days off every month to clean your pool. This will help keep the water clear and stop any discoloration or color changes. If your schedule permits, then it might be a good idea to have a pool professional come and give your pool a clean and inspect it for you.

The Vibration

Your pool will start acting weird and a bit unstable as well once you start losing water. You’ll feel like your pool is trying to tell you something, but you’ll have no idea what it is! This phenomenon is often mistaken for an infestation of some kind, so make sure you check for ants, roaches, or any other type of insect around your pool area. If you find nothing, then there’s probably something else causing this vibration, but don’t worry, it’s not an infestation.

This could be due to several things such as air bubbles getting trapped beneath the surface of the water or a loose tile or glass, which is causing small ripples to appear on the surface of the water. It’s a bit of a mystery, but you’ll figure it out soon enough and be able to control it once you do!

The Growth Of Plants And Animals

Last but not least, we have the issue of plants and animals growing in and around your pool area. This can be both good and bad, so it’s important to be observant of any changes taking place around your pool area. If you see a plant slowly creeping in or an animal of some kind pecking at the leaves of a tree, then this is a sign your pool is about to become untidy!

However, if you notice flowers or grass appearing in any area outside of your pool’s boundary, then this is a sign your faucet is leaking and is allowing outside moisture to enter your pool area. For this reason, it’s a good idea to shut off the water supply to your pool and let your faucet drip dry before turning it back on. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for these things to appear, so don’t worry and enjoy the growing nature around your pool!

As you can see, there are many issues that could cause your pool to start losing water. Once you realize this, you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact source of the problem and deal with it effectively. With proper pool maintenance and regular cleanings by a professional, you’ll have no reason to worry about your pool’s water ever again!

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